23.09.2016: Azerbaijan

Dr.Cebrayil Valiyev/Baku was in 2014 in Germany for the EuroShop-exhibition and for store-checks in the Duesseldorf/Cologne-area prepared by the European Retail Academy.

He now visited Prof.Dr.B.Hallier to explore the situation for EuroShop 2017 and for a cooperation within Azerbaijan which with its 10 million people is a bridge between Europe and Asia. Potentially for spring 2017 both sides aim to launch a Retail Congress in cooperation with the University of Baku.

15.09.2016: CIRCLE PhD Seminar

An obligatory part of PhD program at the Virtual college CIRCLE International (housed at the University of Vitez, BH) is the completion of oral comprehensive examination and defence of the thesis proposal in front of the committee. This year the CIRCLE PhD-Seminar took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which offered participants a great travelling opportunity to Balkans.

Alina Pukhovskaya (CV) visited the PhD-Seminar in Vitez and shared some impressions from the trip: "Bosnia and Herzegovina due to its geographical location had been repeatedly involved in major historical events such as the World War I (assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in Sarajevo) and the World War II (multi-ethnic resistance groups lead by Josip Broz Tito). Also it had been under the influence of different empires Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian and never lost itself but adjusted, taking the best out of the new cultures. However, the Bosnian War (19921995) caused so much pain and destruction that up to today every detail brings back the memories of the terror. Both photos are taken in the same city Mostar, which combines beautiful (renovated) old city and bombed business center."

01.09.2016: Strengthening Africa

In 2011 Marie-Christin Hallier (mariechristinhallier.wordpress.com) was in South Africa among of nine Bachelor-students of the Alanus University Bonn/Germany to work in a multi-colour project with underprivileged children of the black, coloured and white communities to strengthen the self-confidence of youngsters (more: YouTube).

Now being a Master of Art Therapy and member of the International Club of Artists IKV (Link) she will support together with her IKV-colleagues the First African Food Waste Conference on March 27th-30th, 2017 in Nairobi/Kenya by an exhibition about Food Waste (Call for Papers) to create awareness and the offer to have some joint workshops with the local community.

20.08.2016: Status WFPC

The World Food Preservation Center (WFPC) now has 21 Agricultural Universities covering all six continents to teach measures against food waste!

The first WFPC-Food Waste Conference for Africa will take place in Nairobi/Kenya in the end of March 2017. Now WFPC promoted its first PhD-student - coming also from Africa! Dr.Gustav Mahunu from Ghana, who was directed by Prof. Hongyin Zhang from the Jiangsu University/China is the first to receive these honors.

10.08.2016 : Wealth of Nations

The first decade of this century was dominated by the open borders for internationalization/globalization which was leading to an increase of wealth of those participating in liberal trade.

Now the BREXIT as well as restrictions within trade laws of Hungary, Poland, Romania as well as the trade conflict with Russia decreases the expectations of growth. Academia has failed to teach liberal social economics ! Unfortunately now national Emotio starts again to dominate Ratio ! "The European Retail Academy will nevertheless (and against that tendency) promote the exchange of human capital because this is the basic way for international understanding" Prof. B.Hallier stated in a personal message to his member-universities.

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