14.04.2014 : OFEL 2014

The 2nd International OFEL Conference on Governance, Management and Entrepreneurship in Dubrovnik/Croatia attracted over 100 scientists and managers with the main focus from South East Europe but also from Asia, Australia, South America and the USA to come to the historic town at the Adria.

Prof.Dr.Hallier presented the EU-project FoRWaRd in the frame of his vision of a Global House of Harmony : combining economics, ecology and ethics.

02.04.2014 : Free International Trade

The first theories about the positive results of national and international work-divisions were written by Adam Smith (1723-1790) and about comparative costs by David Ricardo (1772-1823). At the IGLS-Forum Prof.Dr.J.Rod Franklin from KLU Education presented a chart of the increase of international trade after the smoothing between East and West.

According to Prof.Dr.B.Hallier this chart should be considered also at the present decisions in politics - "as the wealth of nations is dependant on a peaceful flow of internatonal trade" !

24.03.2014 : Tradition

Rothenburg o.d.Tauber's roots go back to the year 970; the city had its economical peak between 1274 and 1618 . The unique cityscape of the Middle Ages remained untouched uptill today and is dominated by more than 40 towers of its city-wall.

Founding in 1964 a business with traditional German X-mas articles Kaethe Wohlfahrt and her husband moved to the city of Rothenburg in 1972 , where in 1991 they started also an own production and opened in 2011 a museum about German X-mas traditions. Rothenburg and Kaethe Wohlfahrt are an example of a great win-win situation between city-marketing and entrepreneurs using jointly visitors from all over the world.

14.03.2014 : Vocational Competence Retail

Vocational Competence for Retail (www.european-retail-academy.org/EUCVOT ) in Germany is always fascinating for guests from abroad . In Germany carreers in retail for most employees are based on dual education : training within the retail company as well as in specialized courses at school ending with a certificate of the Chamber of Commerce.

The European Retail Academy organized for example visits to the Food Academy in Neuwied ( see EUCVOT news of 10.02.2014) or to the Furniture School (EUCVOT news 15.06.2013) as well as for the instore-meat-production at the Globus hypermarket in Cologne (see photo).

02.03.2014 : IGLS-Forum

The 8th IGLS-Forum (Austria) was attended by agri-food groups from Bologna, Bonn, Brunel, Florida,Ghent,Guelph, Hohenheim, Illinois, Kent, Kiel, Madrid, Monash/Melbourne, Ohio, Paris, Parma, Pennsylvania, Sao Paulo, Vienna, Wageningen and other guests. The Forum is endorsed by international scientific associations in agricultural economics, agribusiness and information research.

The 2014 topic was "System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks". Prof.Dr.Hallier focused in his lecture Food Waste management , the EU project FORWARD and the vision of a Holistic Global House optimizing economics, ecology and ethics. The next Igls-Forum will be at Feb.9th-13th 2015

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