18.08.2014 : FoRWaRd in Germany

The international Consortium of the EU-project FoRWaRd will meet in the end of September 2014 for its final workshop in Duesseldorf/Germany. The morning of Sept.30th will be open for the public for information and to participate in the discussions. The Consumers Association of North Rhine Westfalia (Verbraucherzentrale) will be one of the external speakers.

FoRWaRd started its work in November 2012 in Milano/Italy, was meeting in 2013 in Budapest/Hungary and 2014 in Venlo/NL. It has prepared four tools for the Total Supply Chain : awareness-video, e-learning handbook, mini-game and a platform for Food Banks/Charities to receive and to distribute over-supply. The European Retail Academy was especially responsible for the module tracing/tracking ( see also YouTube ) .

08.08.2014 : Forcast Circle

The 12th International Circle Conference will be hosted in April 2015 by the University of Szcezcin; details for planning can be taken from http://circle2015.wordpress.com/

At Circle International experienced professors care for the young students from the enrollment via conferences uptill the placement in the job. Circle students are not stock being sold 50 percent off - like the unfortunate impression of a Cardiff PhD of medicine at the photo waiting for her award-ceremony down-town ! Circle provides the right background !

28.07.2014 : Nobel Peace Laureate

The Global Green University Platform tries to push the triology of economics,ecology and ethics for a Global House of Harmony. Within ethics Prof.Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Laureate 2006, is a key-figure with his two terms " micro-credits" and "social business" !

At the Astana Economic Forum the top-students of the III.World Economic Youth Forum (see: news May 2014 at www.european-retail-academy.org) got the opportunity to listen to Prof.Yunus personally (on the photo together with Professor M.Fedorov and Prof.B.Hallier : both members of the Club of Eurasian Economic Scientists).

17.07.2014 : Portmeirion

In 1925 B.Clough Williams-Ellis (1883-1978) acquired a peninsular at the Traeth Bach River in Wales/UK to develop his own village.Describing his plans in 1926 in the Architects' Journal he was able to impress potential investors. In two steps 1926-1939 and 1954-1978 he realized his vision as an advocate in rural preservation, amenity planning and colourful architecture (www.portmeirion-village.com).

Clough Williams-Ellis was also a founding member of the Council for the Protection of Rural England (1926) as well as of Wales (1928). His own village is surrounded by 70 acres of subtropical forest gardens.

05.07.2014: GGU

Pursuing the idea of GGU about sharing the knowledge, Alina Pukhovskaya has submitted in March 2014 an article for the international scientific competition of young scientists. The program is organized by international youth movement called “Eurasian Youth Economic Forum” (Link), which takes place every year in Yekaterinburg.

The paper “Internet marketing in academic research: case study of Global Green University “ was selected for publishing in the Collection of scientific papers on “Management and Marketing Challenges of the XXI Century” (Link, p 93)

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