25.01.2015 : Beyond Borders

Due to the 25-years anniversary of the retail-chair of Anton Dreesmann jr.(1923-2000) at the University of Amsterdam the Dreesmann Foundation together with the Rabobank invited guests to Utrecht/Netherlands for a Conference with the title "Retailing Beyond Borders" (link pdf). The main point was the dynamic evolution of retail with its variety of retail concepts, more and quicker innovation even with mixed-up stores for shopping as a social activity - sometimes becoming a retail-lab under the supervision of the visiting consumers. Main reports therefore came from start-up entrepreneurs or companies being in transformation.

While the origin from Dreesmann started already in 1887 as Dreesmann and Vroom, Anton Dreesmann jr. developed the company to become the number 1 department-store of the Netherlands (69 stores), but also merging like with Bijenkorf to become Vendex or segmenting food and merging that category with de Boer Unigro to become Laurus. As a private person he was famous as an art-collector being met by Prof.B. Hallier in 1986 at an AIDA-Conference in Budapest. Now in Utrecht Frank Quix (photo) joined with his chair the network of the European Retail Academy.

15.01.2015 : Yekaterinburg/Astana

For the dialogue between East and West one important platform for the European Retail Academy has become the World Economic Youth Forum with its two steps : Yekaterinburg/Russia with the preselection of some hundred students (April 20th-25th 2015) - and the Astana Economic Forum/Kazakhstan (May 20th-22nd 2015) as the stage for the final presentation of the top students.

Astana is very academic minded ( see also news at www.european-retail-academy.org/urban-revitalization). It has its own Club of Astana Nobel Laureates which since 2012 is involved in the Youth Award ( see also Prof.R.Aumann in the Hall of Fame). Furtheron it was launching G-Global as a platform without borders around the world.

05.01.2015 : Anniversary ERA

The European Retail Academy (ERA) was founded in February 2005 at the exhibition EuroShop by Prof.Dr.B.Hallier and some of his academic friends to support the Bologna-process and the interaction between theory and application in the field - especially within Central- and Eastern Europe. Today www.european-retail-academy.org has links to more than 225 research-institutes for trade/marketing/ tourism all over the world. The ERA Hall of Fame selects each year one professor who stands for outstanding contributions within the international interaction of research and applied sciences.

Continiously SubSites have been launched to target special interest groups via AgriBusinessForum, Environmental Retail Management, Competence for Vocational Training, Forum Art Business, Global Green University, Art/Therapy/Geomancy (KTG) and Urban Revitalization. "Those information platforms are partly Number 1 at Google in their segments ; but even more important are our student-activities : they are our investment into Future and Peace" Prof.Hallier said. (more: ERA-activities and friends)

21.12.2014 : Retail Technolgy

Started in 1997 as an annual congress-show for the information- and security section EuroCIS in Duesseldorf/ Germany meanwhile is a hot spot between its tri-annual umbrella-fair EuroShop. As EuroShop was in February 2014 - in 2015 and 2016 EuroCIS will be again a stand-alone one (see:Press Release).

2015 will be record-breaking again : 8966 squaremeters net exhibition place - 3278 of them from abroad ; a total of 266 exhibitors - 108 from abroad ; expected visitors : over 8000 ! "Due to the World Economic situation and fierce national competition retail has to invest in 2015/2016 in its technology - also considering new omni-channel concepts !" Prof.Dr.Hallier said.

12.12.2014 : CZ Retail Summit

The VSE Prague/CZ is one of the founding members of the European Retail Academy. Its former rector Professor Jiri Jindra (see : Hall of Fame) created together with the Czech Retail Association, with the Ministery of Trade and other partners (today Blue events) the CZ Retail Summit ( see Conference 2015).

Today the CZ Retail Summit is the biggest retail event in Central Eastern Europe. Prof.Dr.B. Hallier has been honoured by VSE for his cooperation during the transition within Central Eastern Europe to a social market economy by a Dr.honoris causa (see : http://cms.berndhallier.de).

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