05.03.2023 : Power for Silk Road

For nearly 15 years Prof.Dr.B. Hallier visits the EURASIAN countries and lectures about Retail and Exhibitions. He has promoted among others the Astana Economic Forum, Expo 2017 and the Silk Road Mayors' Club ( see : www.dailymotion.com.video/x6nihg5). Now a group of retailers from EURASIA visited the EuroShop Exhibition : number 1 worldwide for retail technology : in 2023 with exhibitors from 55 countries on 100.000 sqaremeters exhibition area.

Painting by August Macke

Welcoming the group in Dsseldorf Prof.Dr.Hallier stated that it is now the time to establish an University Network in Kazakhstan, Kirgisia, Usbekistan and the neighbouring countries to introduce Case Studies of Applied Sciences in the schedules of teaching. "We could also empower the countries by Erasmus stipends for an exchange of students and trainees " Hallier told the group and advised them to follow also EUCVOT or to connect with AIESEC like he did himself more than 50 years ago in his own student life.

25.01.2023 : Silk Road meets EuroShop

David Zhang from Beijing/China remembers in an interview with retail4.education how he started his visits with retail experts to Germany and EuroShop: "We first met in Kln in May 2002; Prof.Dr.Hallier took the group of Chinese retailers to see many retail stores in the Koln area, including Aldi, Lidl, Ekeka, Rewe, Real etc. ; then Hallier did send me also to the International HQ of SPAR as he was of the opinion that first of all we should prepare a wholesale-system as a backstage for modern retail in China. He was also the first international expert who told Chinese retailers about discount retailing, private labels, and food safety issues, along with many other interesting topics. That was the starting point of Chinese retailers' international experiences. In 2019 we were very happy to host Prof.Hallier and his wife to visit on a 5-weeks-tour all through China with many of those companies who partly already had been as the second generation of those Europe tours and who are now Chinese retail entrepreneurs" (see also)Link ChinaYouTube

David Zhang compares the situation of China in 2002 and the present level of retail companies in Kazakhstan, Kyrgistan and Usbekistan which nowadays have also to cluster their competences and power to survive within the increasing competition : "A visit of a group of retailers for EuroShop and Store checks should be under the motto Exploring how to learn from Retail in Western Europe for Eurasia : what had been the roots of success ? What is common and what is different in food and non-food ? What are the risks of internationalization ? How can the Retail Knowledge be institutionalized by an Eurasian Retail School ? " ( see also : YouTube EuroShop EuroShop/EuroCIS )

14.12.2022 : Revitalization plus Preservation

Within the beginning of this Century the Revitalization of the Silk Road plus Waterways in EURASIA have been broadly discussed. Less in the public focus have been historic trade-routes like the Tokkaido within the Emperical Japan or the routes of the Roman Empire towards the north of Europe ( Limes) or to the south (Danube River : see also News at www.european-retail-academy.org/urban-revitalization).


For Prof.Dr.B.Hallier from the European Retail Academy a benchmark for Intercultural Learning could be the Ister-Project which was sponsored by the EU and which united 15 partners from 8 countries as an Excellent Cluster Research of Universities and Applied Sciences to document together preservation efforts along the Danube River. "Revitalization goes parallel to Preservation" Hallier states and added " Another learning by this project is also the HISTORY beyond borders which by its understanding helps for real integration of a cross-border flow of products and services for logistics. This could be also a great task for a CLUSTER along the Silk Road."

01.09.2022 : Mental Leadership

Mikhail S.Gorbachov was during his time as a president of the SU not only the top-executive of the Communist Party but a real Leader with his own inspirations Glasnost and Perestroica. He understood the miners of Kemerovo who had not been paid decently and he realized the wishes of the different people of the COMECON for a better life-style. In the eyes of Prof.Dr.B.Hallier it was less a political but mainly an evolution/revolution driven by Consumerism. The break-down of the SU and the COMECON which followed made M.Gorbachov in Russia a persona non-grata : in Germany he became a Hero of the Hearts because he enabled a Peaceful Reunion of East- and West Germany. For Hallier this was the beginning of an emotional Love Story between Germany and Russia, because it created the dream of a global House of Harmony with the strategic aims to balance economics, ecology and ethics worldwide. "And judged in terms of macro-economics it was also the basis for an extrem growth of the Wealth of Nations internationally since the beginning of this Century" Hallier claims. "The theoretical background for those effects can be found already in the work of Adam Smith and David Ricardo about national and international specialisation of work-processes/sourcing" Hallier taught.


"Taken now the military actions against the Ukraine and internal subpression by a mislead President in the Kremlin should not result in condemning the total of Russian people because it is not fair to blame also those who would like to follow the Rules of Humanity but who will be punished to spell out their real feelings." Hallier stated in a discussion with professors and students from the ERA-network. "For many Russians but also a generation of people from the West who invested about 30 years of their lifes in building Trust between the countries which had been fighting in World War II as enemies a great political and economic Dream has crashed. Perhaps we have been sometimes too naive in our thinking and actions - but on the other hand without trying new ways nothing new will happen. Therefore the last 30 years of cooperations with Russia have not been in vain or subject to be discredited in total - even when strategic or tactical tools seem in a review to have been partly wrong - but they have been also a proof for our followers who expect real Leadership from their professors: Trial and Error belong to the tool-box of innovation in a market-economy. M.Gorbachov is a benchmark for such an attitude of a mental Leadership in applied sciences to change markets for the better! In 50 years the history-books will praise also in Russia and othe countries of the former SU the importance of that outstanding Game-Changer " Hallier summarized.

01.08.2022 : Webinar Sustainability

Designed and operated by the former ERA-trainee Dr.Violena Nencheva/Bulgaria and technically supported by the former Mexican trainee Arturo Herrera the first ERA Webinar was opened by ERA-President Prof.Dr.B.Hallier and Nobel Laureate Prof.Dr.R.Chung/Korea about the topic of Sustainability.


Also further trainees participated with lectures : Jitka Volfova/Czech Republic, Dr.Alina Pukhovskaya/Russia and Nora Tineva/Bulgaria. A new potential trainee from Finland clicked in to get to know the ERA-network and the way of vocational training ; and additional Dr.Ioan Matei Purcarea/Romania who had participated Prof.Hallier's seminars at the RAU in Bucarest now in return contributed an excellent lecture about the impact of IT on sustainability.

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