15.01.2020 : Smart Cities Reader

Prof.Dr. G.M.Mutanov published in a joint project of al-Farabi KazNu , UNAI Global Hub on sustainability , the Ban Ki-moon Institute of Sustanability, the MDP/Global Classroom Program the monograph "Smart Cities on the Silk Road: International Experience of Sustainable Development of Cities". Reviewers of the Reader had been Professor Dr. B.Hallier and Prof. Dr. A. Satybaldin.

For Prof.Dr.Hallier the Reader shows that the New Road and Belt Initiative is not only a revitalization of the traditional Silk Road but that the city- and regional planners are in search for future benchmarks for smart cities. More of his views : PDF

15.12.2019 : International Platform

90 percent of the 7590 exhibitors of ANUGA 2019 did come from 106 countries and even 75 percent of the 170.000 visitors had been from abroad (201 countries). Seeing the many booths and visiting experts from China Prof.Dr. Hallier stated that the revived Silk Road works already bi-polar between Asia and Europe!


Hallier pointed also to the fact that at ANUGA 2017 the Thematic University Network (Food) had been established which is a successful tool to penetrate joint standards for the Total Supply Chain globally. More about the TUN-network :


15.11.2019 : Two-dimensional Codes

ZIIOT and partners organized in Foshan/China the Second International Two-dimensional Code Industry Conference. Among its speakers had been Dr.Zhang/ZIIOT, Nobel Laureate Prof.Chung, S.Nugerbekov/G-Global and Prof.B.Hallier.


Prof.Hallier stated that after the periods of printed barcodes and the chip technologies now the third generation of codes can link brick and stone retail with m-commerce and that the Internet of Things will revolutionize the traditional definitions of store formats.

07.10.2019 : "Red China"

Within the history of "Red China" the first 25 years after the Civil War was the transformation of the traditional feudalistic Confucian rural society by Chairman Mao towards equality between male/female, rural/industrial areas and farmers/administration/leaders. The "label Red" was created by Chairman Mao - in analogy to the Sowjet Union - as the symbol for Communism.

The second 25 years of the China-innovation-cycle have been kicked-off by Chairman Deng and focused the improvement of productivity and competition in special economic zones like Shenzhen or Shanghai by capitalistic tools like individual incentives and profit optimization. China became attractive for foreign investments which helped also as a transmission towards higher technology-levels. The third leapfrogging 25 cycle finally started by Chairman Xi are high investments in the infrastructure (Belt and Road), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) speeding-up the industrialization process towards world-leadership. Due to the size of population and its GNP China will have a huge impact on the change of Asia - creating with its young generation a "Century of Asian Leadership" according to Prof.Dr.Bernd Hallier who visited China and other Asian countries many times since 1974.

05.09.2019 : Heritage & Advanced Technology

The Al Farabi Kazakh National University is hosting the QS Worldwide Conference "Harmony of Human Heritage and Advanced Technology". Expected are experts from universities, businesses and media from Europe, CEE-Multi-Country Region, South and East Asia, the USA, UNESCO and UNIFEM. The Conference will be supported also by G-Global and by the European Retail Academy (ERA).

Starting the platform Almaty Eurasian University Complex (AEUC) in January 2017 Prof.Dr.Hallier defined as its mission to bundle Retail/Marketing Theory with Applied Sciences in a Regional Revitalisation Context. The cities along the Silk Road are cultural hubs, which can contribute in the Eurasian Dialogue not only between Europe and Asia but even on a global level.

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