15.12.2019 : Hanon Barabaner

Prof Dr.H.Barabaner from Tallinn/Estonia is a longstanding friend of Prof.Dr.B.Hallier in the Central-/Eastern European Network. In 2010 Barabaner became the honoured personality of the Hall of Fame (Hall of Fame).


For Hallier his friend Barabaner is a symbol of Darwinism in Sciences : being educated in the 60ies in the typical Soviet Union style in Leningrad/St.Petersburg and Moscow; becoming in the 70ies Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Estonian Republic; transforming from the end of the 90ies onwards to the EU-standards - and bringing in all his knowledge and experience into the Eurasian Club of Sciences ( EECSA) bridging systems, generations and human beiings globally.

25.11.2019 : Social Media

Social Media platforms are becoming more and more important in the digital and global world. Within the ERA-network a special Site (EUCVOT) reports about experiences of exchange students with the focus "Communication" during their traineeships of vocational training. According to Prof.Dr.B.Hallier the main elements are to create a news, to place it in the media, to penetrate it and to check its results by ranking at Google and others.


The present two exchange students from Rovaniemi/Finland - Aleksi Kortesalmi and Jouko Miettunen - developed a YouTube video with the title "Pan Balkan Initiative" to explain the geopolitical frame and importance of the World Congress of Entrepreneurs' efforts to optimize the cooperation between governments, entrepreneurs and schools/universities within the civil society(The Youtube Video).

15.09.2019 : Riga Conferences

The Baltic University Network (BUN) was started in January 2018 after Prof.B.Hallier was inspired by Riga's annual Conference Trio organized by the ISMA University and the Scientific Business Competence Center.


The 2019 Conference Trio will be from November 27th-29th; all conference papers will be published. Registration via inese.spica@gmail.com

15.08.2019 : Target Group Youth

Reviewing the historical Nobel activities at the 28th Associations' World Congress in Gothenborg/Sweden Laura Sprechmann from Nobel Media AB pointed also out that for the penetration of the brand/ideas of Nobel youth groups are an interesting target-group.


The Nobel organization for example collaborates with the Telenor Youth Forum to bring together young leaders around the world to develop digital solutions that reduce inequality and empower scientists. The European Retail Academy reports about vocational training for young people and about youth activities mainly at its special Site www.european-retail-academy.org/EUCVOT/.

15.07.2019 : Germany/Russia

Saku Viiri from Rovaniemi/Finland took part during his traineeship at the European Retail Academy also at the Twin-City Partnership Meeting between Russia and Germany in the cities of Dueren and Aachen. It was also linked with the third youth forum between the two countries. He condensed his impressions as well as material from former meetings in Wolgograd and Rothenburg in a YouTube (see : Link).

In the opinion of Prof.Dr.B.Hallier cities can go beyond borders much easier than countries. "Cities can discuss rather easy problems of cities or social/environmental local issues and solutions. It has not always to be the joint history of wars - although of course after World War II city-partnerships and youth exchanges were very helpful to link human-beings with human-beings again. But for example the Club of City Mayors of the New Silk Road demonstrate a multi-lateral renaissance of cities connecting Asia, Eurasia and Europe" he stated during the Aachen meeting (see also City Mayors' Club)


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