15.04.2021 : Slowing down

Well-off citizens from Hamburg/Germany started in the 19th century to use the coast-villages Timmendorf and Scharbeutz of the near-by Baltic Sea for health-recovery in the summer months. Some even did build holiday-resorts along the sea-promenade: and even do it today in fancy old-style like Scandinavia or newly adjusted Japanese-style homes (see photo). People like Albert Einstein or the architect Walter Gropius enjoyed relaxing here and also since 1950 Prof.Dr.Hallier regularly already during his childhood/school- and university-time in Hamburg spent some time in summer for recovery in Timmendorf/Scharbeutz.


In 1970 in Timmendorf started a medical concept being based on research of Prof.Dr.Hans Curschmann : to combine fresh air, sport-activities for revitalization of patients of heart-deseases and relaxation for the body, mind and soul as a holistic system. It is worth mentioning that also his father Prof.Dr.Heinrich Curschmann was a great innovator in applied medical sciences : he planned the Hamburg University Clinic UKE. The main focus of the Timmendorf clinic (link) is to change the mind of the people from a hectic life to a more relaxed life-style

15.01.2021 : Past & Present Life-Styles

The city of Muenster in North-Rhine-Westfalia ranks as the 20th biggest town in Germany. The old Hanse-Town is often compared to the historical city of Luebeck at the Baltic Sea. With its 65.000 students the reknowned Westfalian Wilhelms-University is the 10th biggest University of Germany. Muenster was founded in the year 793 by the missionary Luidger. He came from Friesland in Northern Germany and built a monestery at the little river of Aa. The name of Muenster goes back to the latin meaning "Monasterium".


Internationally well known is Münster for its Peace Treaty after the 30-years religious war in Central and Northern Europe. The Treaty was signed 1648 in the Hall of the Mayor's House in Münster at the famous and honourable Prinzipalmarkt. The signment happened as well in the historical neighboured Town of Osnabrück. The famous sights of Münster like the St. Paulus Cathredal, the Lamberti-Church with the historical Re-Baptisement cages on the top of the tower and the Shopping-Arcades Prinzipalmarkt with the old and attractive merchant houses and the excellent Museums are the destination of nearly 20 Milllions visitors per year from all around the world. The Prinzipalmarkt is the lively stage for many aimed marketing-events. The modern customer Magazine is named PRINZIPAL. One of the most renowned events is the Hanse-Mahl Dinner-Festival with the longest table of Muenster. The owner of the stores and shops (the Principals) serve meals and drinks to their customers. The idea of this Hanse-Event was created by Muenster Marketing and after a successful presentation in the Marketing-Committee of the International Alliance of the Hanse realised in Muenster the first time in Germany ( more E.Gebauer )

17.12.2020 : Riga Hybrid

"It was great to be connected digitally with the ISMA-Conferences in Riga - and we could join despite Corona-lock-downs and limited physical travellings" Marie-Christin Hallier from Roesrath/Germany said after her presentation about her education in Art/Art Therapy and her vocational case studies to motivate people by art and to create public awareness by art ( more: see Link Riga Kurzfassung).

Violena Nencheva from Sofia/Bulgaria presented the status of the Thematic University Network (TUN) Food and invited students from other countries also to participate in that platform. "It is a vocational training to create news in this sector and to multiply it - also it can be used for blended learning for the content and for language-training due to English/German/Russian/Spanish input." she summarized her participation - being the founder of the Spanish Chapter of TUN to prepare herself for later work in Central- and South America after her PhD. (more about her Lecture Link) .

10.10.2020 : Riga Conferences

Riga will host in December 2020 again the three international scientific/applied sciences conferences on Business Competences, Trade Marketing and Business Environment. The hybrid conferences will be organized by the Riga Business Competence Center in cooperation with ISMA University and empowered by the European Retail Academy.

In 2017 the ambiente (spirit loci) of Riga inspired Prof.Dr.Hallier to create the BUN-Site as an ERA-SubSite. Due to the danger of Corona in 2020 he will take part in the Riga Conferences virtually with a lecture "Corona as a speed-driver of Darwinism in Economics/Trade" and Marie-Christin Hallier will report digitally about her experiences as a BA painter and MA art-therapist by "Art as a Marketing-Push Factor for innovative thinking".

30.07.2020 : In memoriam of Jari Koivumaa

After a short illness in the end of July 2020 one of the greatest contributors for continuous exchanges of students for vocational training between Finland and Germany - Jari Koivumaa - has passed away.

" This photo - taken in my library in December 2018 - reminds me symbolically how I will personally remember Jari as a bridge-builder for a joint peaceful European Education of the young generation being in harmony with the whole world" Prof.Dr.B.Hallier stated receiving the sad news. More at the link of REDU.

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