15.04.2019 : Preview Kaunas

The 6th Academy of International Business Central and Eastern European Conference will be organized in September 2019 by the Kaunas University of Technology/Lithuania. The doctoral colloquium will focus the dynamic environment of changes of digitalization, innovation and entrepreneurship; more by ineta.zickute@ktu.lt

Touring Posznan - Gdansk - Marlbork - Vilnius - Kaunas - Riga - Tallin to explore the tography of the landscape and to understand the history and culture of the Baltics, Prof.Dr.B.Hallier stayed also at the KUT and visted the traditional Castle/ Kreml in Kaunas.


15.03.2019 : New Trainee

For two months, Saku Viiri is an exchange trainee from Rovaniemi/Finland for vocational training at ERA / EUCVOT. His focus in Germany is "Communication: creating news and news penetration". The technical tools during that time will be facebook / YouTube and the ERA-Site and sub-Sites.

Another part of the communication-training is creating awareness for the different environments in Germany and the home-country. History is part of this module: like visits in the historical cities of Cologne and Aachen or the former West German capital Bonn or finally the summer-event with horsemen at the Castle of Satzvey.

25.02.2019 : AWC Gothenburg

The 28th Associations' World Congress (AWC) was organized in 2019 in Gothenburg/Sweden. Behind the Association of Association Executives (AAE) are 24.000 members and subscribers located in Europe, Africa, India and other countries/ regions.

Prof.Dr.B.Hallier ( at the photo together with Damian Hutt/Executive Director of AAE) praised the Swedish hospitality and the excellent opportunity to learn beyond the borders of the own sectors like in Gothenburg for example by case studies presented by the Volvo Group/Paul Welander or the Nobel Media AB/Laura Sprechmann.


10.01.2019: The Nobel Family

The Nobel family is a prominent cross-border Swedish/Russian family creating its business and philantropical contributions in the 19th/20th/21st century based from the Baltics.

Philip Alexander Nobel was born in Stockholm/Sweden, studied in Switzerland, lived partly in Russia and supported among others G-Global in Astana/ Kazakhstan (see also). "He was a real cosmopolite - supporting young people generously" Prof.Hallier stated in memory of the cooperation.


15.12.2018 : Continuing Learning

In 2018 Eric Telkkälä from Rovaniemi, Finland had his first traineeship with the European Retail Academy in Cologne, Germany and produced the YouTube "My experience of German apprenticeship"

Now in 2019 he will be working as a web designer for Tartu Vocational School, Estonia as part of an European Erasmus Project - making an universal platform for international school mobilities.


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