01.06.2022 : First digital ERA Trainee Workshop

The vocational training of Joni Harrinkosti and Veeti Maaninka both from the School of Rovaniemi/Finland now in Germany was used to connect by Zoom for 90 minutes with Dr.Alina Pukhovskaya/Russia beinfg trainee at 2006 and Dr.Violena Nencheva/Bulgaria (trainee 2021/2022) and now teaching in Mexico to exchange their experiences about the start and continuation of the ERA-MainSite and its SubSites and the potential technical new options for improvements in the next three months.

A screenshot of the zoom meeting with Alina, Violena, Hallier, Joni and Veeti

For Prof.Dr.B.Hallier the Zoom Workshop served the following ambitions : a) It was a Trainee Workshop : leaving the Teacher only backstage . b) It was a flat hierarchy with ages spread from 74 years down to 17 years. c) The focus was with the youngsters : having the IT-knowledge of young people who in their traineeships want to learn the use of Applied Sciences - but being by this the real drivers of innovation.


04.05.2022 : New Empowerment

Already for more than a decade youngsters from the school in Rovaniemi/Finland come for vocational training to the HQ of the European Retail Academy in Germany. Their field of Applied Sciences is according to Prof.Dr.B.Hallier to learn all steps of Communication during their stay: attention, interest, desire, action . Last but not least the traineeship is always a mix of training on the job + understanding the local culture.


In May/June 2022 Joni Harrinkoski and Veeti Maaninka follow the former trainees and develop a Content-Page for all News of the main-Site of ERA www.european-retail-academy.org ; furtheron they will help to upgrade the ERA-IT-technologies. The supervision comes digitally by far-distance by the former Bulgarian trainee Dr.Violena Nencheva - now living in Mexico. This Team will be already in May digitally in touch with the next trainee from Finland who will arrive in the end of June to stay in Germaqny in July. This way of remote training + on-the-job units will be the future of learning according to Hallier.

25.09.2021 : Call for Riga

Riga will host in a hybrid format in December 2021 again the three international scientific/applied sciences conferences Business Competences, Trade Marketing and Business Environment. It will be organized by the Riga Business Conference Center in cooperation with ISMA University.


Prof.Dr.B.Hallier explained : " As the European Retail Academy we empower this initiative as we see an ongoing continuity in this cross-border platform for the Baltic countries which have an unique history and which is a bridge-builder for all territories around the Batic Sea - and last but not least it is a mix between university research and business-cases".

25.07.2021 : Longstanding Relations

In autumn 2008 Prof.Dr.Hallier/ European Retail Academy started an international workshop about TeamSpirit and Leadership on board of the Russian tall-ship Kruzenshtern sailing from Kaliningrad/Russia to Bremerhaven/Germany. Among the participants had been also three students from the South Bohemian University of Budweis/CZ.

One of them was Kamil Picha : today PhD (doc.Ing) and Vice-dean for international relations who will coordinate fom August 1st 2021 onwards also the new International Advisory Board of the Faculty of Economics of the University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice ( Link)

15.04.2021 : Slowing down

Well-off citizens from Hamburg/Germany started in the 19th century to use the coast-villages Timmendorf and Scharbeutz of the near-by Baltic Sea for health-recovery in the summer months. Some even did build holiday-resorts along the sea-promenade: and even do it today in fancy old-style like Scandinavia or newly adjusted Japanese-style homes (see photo). People like Albert Einstein or the architect Walter Gropius enjoyed relaxing here and also since 1950 Prof.Dr.Hallier regularly already during his childhood/school- and university-time in Hamburg spent some time in summer for recovery in Timmendorf/Scharbeutz.


In 1970 in Timmendorf started a medical concept being based on research of Prof.Dr.Hans Curschmann : to combine fresh air, sport-activities for revitalization of patients of heart-deseases and relaxation for the body, mind and soul as a holistic system. It is worth mentioning that also his father Prof.Dr.Heinrich Curschmann was a great innovator in applied medical sciences : he planned the Hamburg University Clinic UKE. The main focus of the Timmendorf clinic (link) is to change the mind of the people from a hectic life to a more relaxed life-style

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