15.08.2019 : Target Group Youth

Reviewing the historical Nobel activities at the 28th Associations' World Congress in Gothenborg/Sweden Laura Sprechmann from Nobel Media AB pointed also out that for the penetration of the brand/ideas of Nobel youth groups are an interesting target-group.


The Nobel organization for example collaborates with the Telenor Youth Forum to bring together young leaders around the world to develop digital solutions that reduce inequality and empower scientists. The European Retail Academy reports about vocational training for young people and about youth activities mainly at its special Site www.european-retail-academy.org/EUCVOT/.

15.07.2019 : Germany/Russia

Saku Viiri from Rovaniemi/Finland took part during his traineeship at the European Retail Academy also at the Twin-City Partnership Meeting between Russia and Germany in the cities of Dueren and Aachen. It was also linked with the third youth forum between the two countries. He condensed his impressions as well as material from former meetings in Wolgograd and Rothenburg in a YouTube (see : Link).

In the opinion of Prof.Dr.B.Hallier cities can go beyond borders much easier than countries. "Cities can discuss rather easy problems of cities or social/environmental local issues and solutions. It has not always to be the joint history of wars - although of course after World War II city-partnerships and youth exchanges were very helpful to link human-beings with human-beings again. But for example the Club of City Mayors of the New Silk Road demonstrate a multi-lateral renaissance of cities connecting Asia, Eurasia and Europe" he stated during the Aachen meeting (see also City Mayors' Club)


15.06.2019 : Continuing Traineeships

Being a trainee in 2018 at the European Retail Academy in Germany - working on communication-projects like web pages and YouTube videos - Eric Telkkšlš from Rovaniemi, Finland was an exchange in Tartu, Estonia in 2019 (see the picture).

Eric worked in the spring as an European Erasmus exchange student, as a front-end designer for the Tartu Vocational Education Centre. The project that Eric worked on, was a platform of communication between students, teachers and workplace staff for student exchanges. (Learn more)


15.05.2019 : Rovaniemi

Already since 2006, students, from the Lapland Education Centre REDU, have visited the European Retail Academy for vocational training and intercultural understanding; their teachers Jari Koivumaa and Ismo Molkoselka discussed with Prof.Dr.B.Hallier the next exchange for 2019 and other EU-projects.

The last trainees from REDU ,Daniel Haakila and Roni Suomalainen, produced a YouTube video about their home city; to introduce their home-city and also to attract foreign students to come to Rovaniemi, Finland.


15.04.2019 : Preview Kaunas

The 6th Academy of International Business Central and Eastern European Conference will be organized in September 2019 by the Kaunas University of Technology/Lithuania. The doctoral colloquium will focus the dynamic environment of changes of digitalization, innovation and entrepreneurship; more by ineta.zickute@ktu.lt

Touring Posznan - Gdansk - Marlbork - Vilnius - Kaunas - Riga - Tallin to explore the tography of the landscape and to understand the history and culture of the Baltics, Prof.Dr.B.Hallier stayed also at the KUT and visted the traditional Castle/ Kreml in Kaunas.


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