Environmental Retail Management
13.02.2014 : Environmental Store

Tengelmann/Germany started already in 1968 its first environmental foundation and later in the 80ies labeled its logo in connection with a frog and a turtle. In the beginning of the 90ies it was the pioneer to promote new packaging rules(recycling and multi-trip) with Prof.Toepfer and Prof.Hallier. In 2009 Tengelmann transformed an old supermarket into a modern CO2-free Environment Store ! In 2011 it installed for electricity-cars of customers a free-of-charge loading - also for e-bykes !

In connection to the EuroShop 2014 Prof.Hallier visited this pioneer-store with an Assabaijan, Russian, Ukraine-retail expert group.

05.01.2014: Three Research Columns

The Global Green University (GGU) started in October 2013 with an "University Panel", in November added a "Business Panel" and in December launched the last "Student Panel". All three panels will be compared as indicators.

The ambition of the research is to screen what each of these three groups understands by "green issues" and if there are differences with what the other two groups think. Afterwards, if the panel size allows - to make a comparison of each of the three panels to the corresponding one in different regions of the world.

15.12.2013 Save Food

FAO is the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - it was founded in 1945. FAO's head-quarters are in Rome/Italy : it has today 191 countries and the European Union as members.

FAO organized in partnership with Messe Duesseldorf/Interpack/Germany a two-days event for 150 experts about the topic of food losses and waste reduction. On behalf of retail and as a consortium-member of the EU-project FORWARD Prof.Dr.B.Hallier ( on the photo together with Deputy Director-General D.Gustafson/FAO and B.Jablonowski/Director Interpack) addressed the audience at the opening day.

20.11.2013 University Panel GGU

Having started www.european-retail-academy.org/GGU for green issues with a first questionnaire for members of the European Retail Academy within 6 weeks 41 universities already answered to the first call.

Measured in percentage of the total number of ERA-Universities these are already 21 percent of the potential as an average of all regions. Further research will follow: especially also into the direction of Prof.Dr.B.Hallier's vision of a Global House of Harmony as a new global equlibrium between economics, ecology and ethics.

19.10.2013 : European Platform Meeting

The first European Platform Meeting of the EU-project FUSIONS in Amsterdam /Netherlands attracted over 100 international experts from varous stakeholder groups of the total food supply chain to discuss the keyword "sustainable food supply".The idea is to achieve more resource efficiency by reducing food "waste" by social innovation.

Retail was participating by EuroCommerce/Brussels, by Ahold/Netherlands,CBL/NL, Rewe International/Austria,Spar/ Austria and Tesco/UK as well as by Prof.Hallier/European Retail Academy who was attending also for the EU waste management project FORWARD together with the Food Banks of Hungary and Poland and Greenport Venlo/Netherlands.

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