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15.11.2015: 17 Sustainable Development Goals

A month ago we were discussing 17 Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the United Nations. Now we are eager to discover the importance of each of these goals for the international community!

Please take a minute to prioritize each one of the listed goals and help us build a better picture of the international perception of sustainable development.

The questionnaire can be found HERE. Thank you very much for your participation!

15.10.2015: AEON Group

The Japanese AEON Group is the largest retailer in Asia; its network is comprising around 300 consolidated subsidaries and 26 equity-method affiliated companies ranging from convenience stores via supermarkets upto shopping malls.

Its 90 year old honorary Chairman Takuya Okada (at the photo together with Prof.Dr.Hallier) is a co-founder of the Federation of Asia Pacific Retailers Associations (APRCE), a great environmentalist having planted more than 10 million trees in Asia and the sponsor of a Foundation for Youth Development. "Okada-san is an example for a peace-policy of a Global House of Harmony between Economics, Ecology and Ethics" Hallier said.

15.09.2015: Food Biz Asia

There is a growing concern for food safety in Asia. The Food Business Community Asia and the European Retail Academy therefore will cooperate in this sector. FoodBizAsia is a digital magazin as well as an online platform for professionals with the following Database by Industry Sector:

FoodBizAsia will promote the Readers "From Crisis to Competence" and "FoodWasteManagement" as well as initiatives of the www.european-retail-academy.org/GGU.

15.08.2015: WFPC LLC

The World Food Preservation Center LLC is one of the initiatives supported by European Retail Academy (Link), which is formed by twelve major research universities and a research institute on six continents dedicated toward reducing postharvest food losses and combating world hunger in developing countries.

The World Food Preservation Center LLC is already functioning in:

(1) the development of joint postharvest research projects;

(2) the international exchange of postharvest faculty and students;

(3) international cooperation in the development of postharvest research priorities, curriculum, and text books for developing countries;

(4) the sharing of information on postharvest scholarship and educational programs; and,

(5) the exchange of information on strategies for reducing postharvest food losses in developing countries.

15.07.2015 : RAU Bucharest

At a visit of the Romanian American University in Bucharest/Romania Prof.Dr.B.Hallier (accompanied by M.-C.Hallier) had a very fruitful discussion with RAU's Rector Prof.Dr.O.Folcut and Dean C.Nigricea about the Global House of Harmony and Food Waste Management ( more : link)

Both sides see the e-learning-modules of the EU-project FORWARD as a basis for vocational studies from farm to fork and food security. Also tracing/tracking ( Hallier,B., From Crisis to Competence ) can be integrated into this approach and also for brand-marketing for agricultural products ( see: YouTube TILS Cuttinghouse )

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