Environmental Retail Management
20.02.2015 : Awareness

According to a Mintel-study quoted by LP International consumers are internationally to a high percentage aware of waste of fruit and vegetables : France 74 percent, Spain 49, Germany 36, UK 28, Italy 21 and Poland 21.There are many different solutions about how to deal with it : one is www.ecosaver.se - their topic is a sustainable and resource-efficient society. Another approach for Switzerland is www.united-against-waste.ch

The European Retail Academy helped within the EU-project FoRWaRd to develop an "Introduction Video" to be used at school but also in companies explaining the situation and discussing solutions ( more : German version : available also in other languages at www.foodrecoveryproject.eu )

15.01.2015 : TeamSpirit

For food security TeamSpirit within the Total Supply Chain is important.

The European Retail Academy is happy to be able to refer within its book "Food Waste Management" to the contributions of its partners EHI Retail Insitute, Fraunhofer Umsicht, Food Processing Initiative, University Bonn, EssensWert, NRW Consumer Protection, Orgainvent, TILS, SGS, AMA, VLAM, LP International, EXPO 2015, Globalgap, Galeria Kaufhof, Save Food, VUA, Trade Help and 4green architecture (more)

12.12.2014 : Environmental Retail Management

The European Retail Academy started in August 2008 its SubSite Environmental Retail Management to gather experiences and benchmarking in this field of activities. Prof.Dr.B.Hallier had been involved since the mid 80ies already in the optimization of packaging/recycling - but it became clear in 2008 that now all the Total Supply Chain had to be involved.

More and more it became obvious that not only economics, but also ecology and ethics have to be considered for a new equilibrium of the world economy. Therefore Hallier together with his colleague Mikhail Fedorov from USUE Yekaterinburg/Russia initiated at the Astana Economic Forum in 2012 via the World Economic Youth Forum a special student competition for 2013 about "green issues". As one of its results another SubSite was launched : Global Green University.

05.11.2014 : EXPO 2015

At the EXPO Milano 2015 the Bocconi University will organize an international student competition in collaboration with the Expo, the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forest Policies and the European Commission - under the patronage of UN for Expo, FAO and the World Food Programme. Bocconi University will invite 200 undergraduates from around the world for a week of study, teamwork and challenges of food waste (more : www.foodsavingbec.com)

Prof.Dr.B.Hallier is chosen by Bocconi University as an Ambassador for Food Waste Management . He will support Expo 2015 via the European Retail Academy , the www.european-retail-academy.org/GGU (Global Green University) and the input of the EU-project FoRWaRd .

15.10.2014 : CSR Asia/Pacific

The publishing House Retail Asia gathered info from its top players about CSR and Green issues in their area. Among the points mentioned are:

- transforming the traditional economic model for local farmers with the aim of boosting their income

- building libraries in primary and secondary schools

- helping underpriviledged groups

- environmental responsibility ; low-carbon technology

- helping customers to choose greener products

- supporting a variety of charities and community programmes

- ISO 14001 ; environmental systems

- member of The Forest Trust

- support of a nature recovery programme

- member of the Cancer Patients Aid Association

- adopting a climate change policy

- scholarship scheme

- working for renewable energy, water efficiency and GHG emissions

- supporting children health screening

- support of planting trees

More about the competion of Retail Asia at www.european-retail-academy.org

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