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15.06.2015 : Food Security

At the Astana Economic Forum in Kazakhstan ( see also : www.european-retail-academy.org ) Prof.Dr.B.Hallier took part at the special slot for Food Security. This topic attracted high administration officials and international experts.

He used that event to hand over copies of the FORWARD-project Food Waste Management to J.G. da Silva / Director General FAO, G.Issayeva/ deputy minister Kazakhstan, M.Mordasini/ IFAD and later to Kazakhstan's Prime Minister K. Massimov , Romano Prodi , H.Clark /UNDP , M.Fedorov/Rector USUE, T.Narikbayev/Rector KAZGUU and D. de Tray/ Nazabayev University.

15.05.2015: Expo Milano

As a first EXPO in 2015 Milano dedicated its Exhibition to the topic of food, its sustainability and to Food Waste. Professor Hallier was editing the results of the EU project FoRWaRd within the book of Food Waste Management. He was therefore asked by the Bocconi University to act as an embassador for the student competition at the Expo.

The European Retail Academy created also with the help of the world economic youth forum in Astana www.european-retail-academy.org/GGU as a global green university platform. The GGU is though to be a tactical tool to support the EXPO 2017 in Astana. „ It is necessary to find a new equilibrium for a combination of Economy, Ecology and Ethics for Global Harmony“ is Hallier‘s credo for Milano 2015 as well was for Astana 2017.

20.04.2015 : VUA-Summer School

The Visegrad University Association (VUA) will organize aummer school with the title of "Food Science and Business Studies" in the period of June 22nd - July 4th 2015. It will be located in three countries.

There are three parts of the summer school : the start will be in Nitra/Slovakia, second part at the Corvenius University of Budapest/Hungary and the final part at the University of Natural resources and Life Sciences in Vienna/Austria. More info e-mail : vladislav.valach@uniag.sk

20.03.2015: Food Waste Initiatives

Nora Tineva , from Sofia , trainee of the European Retail Academy has created in her Bulgarian language an own info platform based on Prof.Hallier's book "Food Waste Management". More : www.foodwastemanagementbulgaria.wordpress.com

In The Hague/Netherlands a 4-days conference will deal from June 15th 2015 also about stopping food waste. Presented will be case studies, success stories and pilots for the reduction of food waste and food losses . For more information: www.nomorefoodtowaste.nl

20.02.2015 : Awareness

According to a Mintel-study quoted by LP International consumers are internationally to a high percentage aware of waste of fruit and vegetables : France 74 percent, Spain 49, Germany 36, UK 28, Italy 21 and Poland 21.There are many different solutions about how to deal with it : one is www.ecosaver.se - their topic is a sustainable and resource-efficient society. Another approach for Switzerland is www.united-against-waste.ch

The European Retail Academy helped within the EU-project FoRWaRd to develop an "Introduction Video" to be used at school but also in companies explaining the situation and discussing solutions ( more : German version : available also in other languages at www.foodrecoveryproject.eu )

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