01.09.2016: Strengthening Africa

In 2011 Marie-Christin Hallier (mariechristinhallier.wordpress.com) was in South Africa among of nine Bachelor-students of the Alanus University Bonn/Germany to work in a multi-colour project with underprivileged children of the black, coloured and white communities to strengthen the self-confidence of youngsters (more: YouTube).

Now being a Master of Art Therapy and member of the International Club of Artists IKV (Link) she will support together with her IKV-colleagues the First African Food Waste Conference on March 27th-30th, 2017 in Nairobi/Kenya by an exhibition about Food Waste (Call for Papers) to create awareness and the offer to have some joint workshops with the local community.

01.08.2016 : 10 years IKV

The International Association of Artists ( www.internationalerkuenstlerverein.de) celebrated its 10 years anniversary in Cologne/Germany. The objective of IKV is to organize an artistic and cultural network. Its members are comming from Albania, Belgium, Egypt, France, Gambia, Germany Indonesia, Italy, Poland, Romania, Serbia, South Korea, Sudan and Ukraine.

The celebration was supported by an exhibition and additionally by a dancing-group from South Korea, where also in 2016 IKV-members are exhibiting part of their works at the International Art Fair in Seoul.

01.07.2016 : Mama Africa

Born in Gambia Isha Fofana became the founder of the non-profit association " Mama Africa Art Centre" - among many of her activities she is Head of the Batokunku School fo Art and Homopathy. In 2009 she was asked by the President of Gambia to promote girls and women in her country : therefore she established in 2010 a culture- and healing centre for this target-group and also a museum specialized upon females. Together with the International Association of Artists (IKV) she was planning in the same year a concept for an exhibition for the Interntional Day for Women in her country.

Isha Fofana and IKV (www.internationalerkuenstlerverein.de ) organized that exhibition also in 2011 in the galery of the National Museum in Nairobi/Kenya and in 2012 at the Ahfad-University in Omdurman/Sudan. IKV was founded in 2005 in Germany with the ambition to establish an international artistic and cultural network.

02.06.2016 : Russian Soul

The International Rachmaninov Association invited together with the Russian General Consul of Bonn, V.Sedykh, friends of music to a special performance under the motto " Russian Soul". Attending were also Bonn's Mayor Reinhard Limbach as well as the President of the European Retail Academy, Prof.Dr.B.Hallier. Part of the Benefiz-Gala-Concert had been an award-ceremony for the six winners of a composer competition : the best of best of 32 composers from 13 countries !

Ranked according to age the winners of the six categories are : G.Berger(1929)/Germany, M.Strasser(1957)/ Germany, A.M.Bareilles(1973)/Argentina, J.G.Piskorski(1995)/Poland, D.Klenin(1996)/Russia and V.-G.Piciorus (2003!)/Romania. The Concert was framed by performances of Denys Proshayev/BelaRus and Nadia Mokhtari/France. More also at www.european-retail-academy.org/KTG.

10.05.2016 : Palliative Well-Being

Within the slot "social issues" at the 13th CIRCLE Conference in Naples/Italy M.-C.Hallier lectured at the prestigous Villa Doria D'Angri about her MA-Thesis in Art-Therapy by the topic "Palliative Well-being increased by Art-Therapy". The case-study is about a 40 year old patient suffering of ALS (Amyothrophe Lateralsklerose) with the additional problem not be able any more to speak due to the medical treatment.

M.-C. Hallier, at the photo together with Prof.Dr.T.Rashid, president of CIRCLE International, is working part-time at the moment in a residence for senior citizens in Bonn/Germany, intensifying her "sample-material" about Fine Art Therapy - also to bring in her know-how in 2017 into the Nairobi/Kenya discussions with artists, therapists and healers from Africa. ( more : www.european-retail-academy.org/KTG ).

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