27.06.2019 : Social Inclusion

"Additional to mental/body handicaps lately there are also quite a lot of social disruptions due to wars/other migration or just from conflicts within the surrounding of people" the German art-therapist Marie-Christin Hallier ( Her Website ) stated explaining her additional education for social development therapy.


The socio-emotional profile of the patients is measured and documented over several weeks . Especially focussed are frights, defense mechanisms, chances for social interventions, the individual private reality and the evaluation of the living environment. In Germany the specific courses for teachers are taught in a mix of theory and applied/vocational case-studies and supervision of 48 hours over a period of a year.

15.05.2019 : Castle Ambiente

The Water-Castle of Satzvey near the city of Cologne/Germany was mentioned first in the year 1368. In 1977 the owner-family Count F.J.Graf Beissel von Gymnich started to use the ambiente to organize annually historical events (More: YouTube video)


Since 2012 the family even created an event company/GmbH which is nowadays responsible for great public events with fights of horsemen and medieval markets as well as for private marriage-parties.

15.03.2019 : Paper Art

Finland and the German area of "Bergisches Land" in North Rhine Westfalia are well known for its paper production. The city of Paimio/Finland and Odenthal/Germany are even twin-cities.


Now both cities celebrate their friendship by a new papaer-art-sculpture from Wolfgang Heuwinkel. It combines the tree with the cellulose : in this case the tree is even coming from Finland.

15.02.2019 : Mourning

Part of the education to become an art-therapist are modules about mourning by self-reflection and palliative workshops for students as shown for example in the YouTube of the Alanus University in Alfter/Germany (YouTube).


Another example for mourning is the painting of the Belgian artist Jean Wegnez, who remembers by this picture his sister-in-law Professor Jacqueline Wegnez and her plays at the piano - and who died in 2018.

15.11.2018 : Evening Schools

In Germany voluntary additional qualification is offered in evening classes at so-called VHS-Volkshochschulen. They range from topics like language-courses to the daily applications of computers, to politics/society/environment, to health and well-being, to arts.

In Bergisch-Gladbach for example students from the local artist Frank Heller show each year their paintings within a public vernissage and exhibition at the rooms of the VHS-building. Students and teacher reward by this procedure the investment into the development of the civil society.

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