15.05.2017 : Nigeria Stipends

OYASAF (Omooba Yemisi Adedoyin Shyllon Art Foundation) invites artists to live and work in the historical town of Abeokuta, which is about 100 km north of Lagos/Nigeria situated on the east bank of the Ogun River. It is the country home of Prince Yemisi Adedoyin shyllon.

His contemporary architectural building is overlooking the scenic land and city scape - its sculptural garden is designed for the creative and curious mind; the work space has good natural and artificial light (more via oyasaf2000@yahoo.com) .

15.04.2017 : Nairobi Initiatives

The International Association of Artists (IKV) - (www.internationalerkuenstlerverein.de) - launched as an awareness-campaign at the National Museums of Kenya a Food Waste Exhibition in Nairobi to support the first pan-African Congress against Postharvest Losses.

The two German exhibitors Barbara Hanebuth and Marie-Christin Hallier also visited the Shangilia project for underpriviledged children from the slums. The idea is to penetrate training programs for artists like Nusreldin Adam Eldourma did in Sudan for displaced, handicapped and street children (see also at FAB-news from 15.04.2016 reporting about Omdurman/Sudan).

10.03.2017 : Sponsor since 1847

The city of Wiesbaden/Germany is home of the Nassauischer Kunstverein (http://www.kunstverein-Wiesbaden.de) - exhibiting contemporary art since 1847 ! Beside Exhibitions and Events the Foundation is organizer of Art Trips and Publisher of Books about Contemporary Art.

Inspired by the "Fluxus Festival of Very New Music" in 1962 a Grant was created by the name of "Follow Fluxus - after Fluxus" in 2008.
It is a 10.000.-Euro award combined with a three-months-stay to live and work in Wiesbaden - ending with an exhibition of the awarded artist. ( "Fluxus" : see also www.european-retail-academy.org/KTG : Mary Bauermeister/Stockhausen) .

07.02.2017 : Last Travel

In 2006 Fritz Roth from Bergisch-Gladbach/Germany had the idea to ask 100 people to pack a suit-case for their imagined last travel (to heaven). This exercise was not only a practical test to see what would be taken by those persons - but it was also a spiritual travel to the inside of those decision-makers.

This result was exhibited in many cities in Germany in the following years - landing in 2016 even in Middle America : in the Museo de Arte Popular in Mexico City ! The exhibition was enlarged by 50 suit-cases from that region - also to allow an intercultural comparison.

06.01.2017 : Nairobi Exhibition

The international Association of Artists (IKV) www.internationalerkuenstlerverein.de was founded as a bridge between artists in Africa and Europe. In 2017 there are well-known Africans IKV members like Hassan Fadul Abbakar, Leila Makthar Adam, Jean Marie Claude Bruce, Nusr Eldin ElDouma, Isha Fofana, Fatima Hassan Osman or Taissier Abdelgader Salim.

Supporting the first African Food Waste Congress in Nairobi/Kenya in March 29th-31st 2017 IKV will help the awareness-campaign by a special exhibition at the National Gallery of Nairobi and by interactions with kids. From Germany Barbara Hanebuth and Marie-Christin Hallier both with an education from the Alanus University/Bonn will participate in the activities.

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