15.02.2018 : Plekhanov University

The Plekhanov University in Moscow is one of the largest economic universities in Russia. It was formed in 1897 by businessmen of Moscow; in 1903 it started Commercial Courses. Today Plekhanov is also institutionalized in 27 Russian cities as well as in Bishkek in the Kyrgyz Republic.

For three generations professors from the Tserevitinov family were teaching Commodity Research and Education at the Plekhanov University. Therefore the Commodity Conferences are named after that family. Internationally the Commodity Department is also strongly engaged internationally in the IGWT. Prof. Dr. Hallier therefore sees an interesting input by Plekhanov for TUN as also vice versa.


15.01.2018 : IFS

The IFS (International Featured Standard) was created in 2003 by the German Trade Association HDE and its French counterparts FCD; later Italian Trade Associations joined. Today IFS is acting worldwide. The basic idea of IFS is the fact that on the one hand side the European Law and National Laws require from food companies or food outlets to implement all relevant actions to secure food safety and on the other hand also individual suppliers/retailers develop marketing profiles with „add-ons“ to the legal requirements to gain higher margins. Those companies then need a control/audit for their claims. IFS’s ambition is to harmonize those individual demands to one level of control to get more efficiency via an unified standard.

The IFS-standard is benchmarking the individual steps and partners of the Total Supply Chain by an evaluation system which has four main categories :

- A: full compliance with the requirements (20 points)

- B: almost full compliance – but small deviations (15 points)

- C: only a small part of the requirements are implemented (5 points)

- D: the requirements are not implemented

All scorings are reported and explained in an IFS Audit Report. Based on the first evaluation all enterprises have the chance to secure and improve their market position by an action plan of continuous optimization of their products and services.


06.12.2017 : Life Long Learning

TUN is a Life Long Learning idea: TUN covers therefore vocational training as well as higher education. The input is designed by universities and providers of international standards of the food business.

TUN reflects in the beginning local/national learning programs and starts to launch also step by step joint workshops and summer-schools in 2018. Please, follow the PREVIEW of this Site for upcoming dates periodically for new input.


15.11.2017 : Standards Needed

Global imbalances between supply and demand within the Total Supply Chain need a constructive dialogue about the understanding of how modern supply chains work and how commercial practices could be optimized.

Tools for this optimization are Consistency and Capacity, Data and Fair Benefit Sharing. The KLU LogisticsUniversity/Hamburg/Germany together with the ECR-Community Shrinkage & On-Shelf Availability Group is disseminating its proposals in an International Workshop in Hamburg on 19th January 2017. Retail participating will be among others Ahold, Carrefour, European Retail Academy, Lidl, Metro, Tesco and Walmart.


09.10.2017: Thematic University Network

As already announced in the Preview for ANUGA based on the preparations for the 200 years Anniversary of the University of Bonn the two international networks EQA (Education Qualification Alliance) and ERA (European Retail Academy) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to institutionalize a Thematic University Network (TUN) to promote holistic Research about food/health/sustainability and the Penetration of knowledge and standards along the Total Supply Chain from farm to fork.

Vision and Mission of TUN were explained jointly by Prof.Dr.Petersen/EQA and University of Bonn and Prof.Dr.Hallier/ERA (Download Presentation). The MOU was signed by the Chairman of the Board of EQA (Christian Gruetters) and Prof.Hallier for ERA; in additional bi-lateral contracts the University of Debrecen/Hungary and University of Chapingo/Mexico signed already during the ANUGA presentation. Pre-contracts are already in preparation for universities from Poland, Romania and Russia. All those professors represent together the ACADEMIC BOARD which will supervise the following strategic, tactical and operational steps.

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