15.10.2018 : ERA-Secretariat

While studying BA and MA at the University of Saarbrücken/Germany, Alina Pukhovskaya (LinkedIn) started Vocational Training at the European Retail Academy. She helped at exhibitions in Düsseldorf/Germany and Moscow/Russia and went for professional training to Dubai and Hong Kong. Further on she became chief-designer and manager of ERA-Sites.

Alina helped as an external consultant with the EU-project FORWARD and wrote her PhD thesis about knowledge management in non-profit networks on the example of Food Banks in Mexico. From Oct.15th 2018 onward Prof.Dr. Hallier appointed her "Chief of Staff" of the ERA-Secretariat. Alina Pukhovskaya will be his deputy for all operative tasks.

15.09.2018 : Don't forget Africa

Already for more than a decade Prof.Dr.B.Hallier and Ambassador A.Gabriel Kotchofa – being also High Commissioner of the EECO - work closely together pushing cooperation and innovation via the Astana Global Summits, EXPO Astana, the World Economic Youth Forum and now the Club of Mayors of the Silk Road.

Hallier reminded Kotchofa to the fact that the Global Green University had been an idea/memorandum of the Youth Forum and that Marie-Christin Hallier was supporting projects for underpriveledged children in McGregor/South Africa (Link) and Shangilia/Kenya (Link) for a Global House of Harmony based on Economy, Ecology and Ethics/

02.08.2018 : Plekhanov Students

The two Russian students Eleonora Nikolaeva and Tatiana Zolotova, both from the Plekhanov University/Moscow , will translate and place the Russian News of www.european-retail-academy.org/TUN during their ERA-traineeship.

The Thematic University Network TUN will support also the Green Belt Initiative of the First International Silk Road Mayors' Conference being executed in Astana/Kazakhstan ( see also at www.european-retail-academy.org/AEUC ).

18.07.2018 Culture and History of Commerce

Its German edition was published first time by Prof. Dr. B.Hallier in 1999.The director of the German "House of History" in Bonn, Prof. Dr. H.Sch?fer stated: "By intertwining history, trade, science and artwork, a truly new territory is entered into." His colleague, the director general of the State Museums in Berlin, Prof. Dr. P.-K. Schuster said about the book ."This book makes for both reading and travel adventure. It is simply thrilling to see how the paths of trade and art run together through the ages to this very day."and former Chancellor of the German Federal Republic Gerhard Schr?der added :"I am certain that Culture and History of Commerce makes for stimulating reading, not only for professionals and specialists."
Among the painters in the book are from Russia in alphabetical order Nikolai Iwanowisch Andronow, Iwan Aiwasowski (2 pict), Marc Chagall, Wassily Kandinski (2 pict), Andrei Krasilschikov, Boris Kustodijew (3 pict), Nikolaj Rerich and Ilya Repin. Other famous painters mentioned covering scenes from retail/wholesale are B.Belotto, J.Brueghel the older, A.Carracci, E.Degas, A.D?rer, V.van Gogh, H.Holbein the younger, A.Macke (2 pict), Q.Metsys, F.Snyders (2 pict), C.Tiffany, A.Wattau and A.Warhol.

After the Korean edition in 2003 now the Russian version will be in the market in the end of October 2006. Translations came from the ERA-member Ural Technical University in Ekaterinburg (Eugenia Lugovih) and had been under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Leonid Strovsky and Prof. Elena Frolova Initiated was the project by Viktor Konteev from the Ekaterinburg City Government. "We are in the revival of old retail/wholesale traditions where Ekaterinburg is a hub between Europe and Asia. Intercultural understanding is the basis of a peaceful development" he underlined his policy of cooperation. The book will be printed by the ?Interexpert? publishing house in Moscow; they too organized a sponsor-concept for the distribution within Russia ? among them ADT-Tyco (Germany), Buki International (Russia), Euroindex (Ukraine),MALL E.C. (Russia), Metro (Russia), Orsay (Germany), Rotonda (Russia), Seat (Ukraine), Tegometall (Germany), Verlag Kunsthandel (Germany), Vitrina PG and Westimpex (both Russia).( more about the intertwine of the Hallier-family and culture see LINK)

16.06.2018 : Green Belt

The First International Conference of the Silk Road Mayors met in Astana/Kazakhstan to discuss the revitalisation of the historic Silk Road. More than 2000 politicians and experts did meet with the 60 mayors (more: Video at DailyMotion)

One key word for this new forum is "Green Belt": the Korean Nobel Laureate Prof.Dr. Raekwong Chung (on the photo together with Prof.Dr.B.Hallier) promoted an "Eco-Grid" to fight the warming of the earth to protect human life in that area! Hallier supports that idea by integrating the Eco-Grid into his vision of a Global House of Harmony based on Economy, Ecology and Ethics.

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