15.01.2019 : Land/Food/Nature

Under the leadership of the Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development of the Agrarian University of Nitra/ Slovakia and co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union a conference focused the topic "Land Protection" (see also european-retail-academy.org/TUN). 10 countries presented in 21 contributions the status quo of the legal frame to use land and discussed the relationship between land for food, forestry, tourism, and the other sectors of human life.

Prof.Dr.B.Hallier presented his holistic trias of economics, ecology and ethics and underlined that "the factor land" should not only be evaluated in terms of economic output, but should include in a formular also the UN-sustainability goals and the fair distribution between the different social groups - even globally. One point in this concept could be the trans-formation of a percentage of farmers into "landscape rangers" to preserve historical landscapes and to work for anti-climate change activities (full lecture: Download).

15.12.2018 : Sustainability Goals

The United Nations defined 17 Sustainability Goals for the year 2030. Based on this agreement now national, regional and local communities establish platforms to fulfill these goals.

The region of NorthRhineWestfalia in Germany created the initiative LAG 21 (www.lag21.de) - a dialogue between civil society, politics, administration, business and sciences. At the founding meeting of the local group of the city of Bergisch Gladbach near Cologne Prof.Dr.B.Hallier attended and agreed to multiply this idea via the Global Green University and the Silk Road Mayors' Club (VIDEO).

15.11.2018 : Circular Economy

In December 2015 the European Commission published a Circular Economy Package to encourage more sustainability in the UN reflected by the UN Sustainability Development Goals for 2030.

EuroCommerce now discussed the status quo in Brussels and the plans to revise various waste directions and to minimize waste and losses. The motto was "Scaling up market solutions in Retail & Wholesale". The meeting of 250 experts was attended also by high level administration officials like Dr. J.Potocnik/UN International Resource Panel and former EU-Commissioner, D.Calleju Crespo/ General Director DG Environment, B.Poisson/ French Ministry for Ecology, MEPs like A.J.Valean or K. van Brempt. Retail was represented among others by Carrefour, IKEA, METRO, BGA, FCD, Virke and Prof.Dr.B.Hallier (at the photo together with the EuroCommerce President Regis Degelcke and Christian Verschueren Managing Director EuroCommerce).

15.10.2018 : ERA-Secretariat

While studying BA and MA at the University of Saarbrücken/Germany, Alina Pukhovskaya (LinkedIn) started Vocational Training at the European Retail Academy. She helped at exhibitions in Düsseldorf/Germany and Moscow/Russia and went for professional training to Dubai and Hong Kong. Further on she became chief-designer and manager of ERA-Sites.

Alina helped as an external consultant with the EU-project FORWARD and wrote her PhD thesis about knowledge management in non-profit networks on the example of Food Banks in Mexico. From Oct.15th 2018 onward Prof.Dr. Hallier appointed her "Chief of Staff" of the ERA-Secretariat. Alina Pukhovskaya will be his deputy for all operative tasks.

15.09.2018 : Don't forget Africa

Already for more than a decade Prof.Dr.B.Hallier and Ambassador A.Gabriel Kotchofa – being also High Commissioner of the EECO - work closely together pushing cooperation and innovation via the Astana Global Summits, EXPO Astana, the World Economic Youth Forum and now the Club of Mayors of the Silk Road.

Hallier reminded Kotchofa to the fact that the Global Green University had been an idea/memorandum of the Youth Forum and that Marie-Christin Hallier was supporting projects for underpriveledged children in McGregor/South Africa (Link) and Shangilia/Kenya (Link) for a Global House of Harmony based on Economy, Ecology and Ethics/

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