22.03.2022 : Webinar Sustainability

Designed and operated by the former ERA-trainee Dr.Violena Nencheva/Bulgaria and technically supported by the former Mexican trainee Arturo Herrera the first ERA Webinar was opened by ERA-President Prof.Dr.B.Hallier and Nobel Laureate Prof.Dr.R.Chung/Korea about the topic of Sustainability.


Also further trainees participated with lectures : Jitka Volfova/Czech Republic, Dr.Alina Pukhovskaya/Russia and Nora Tineva/Bulgaria. A new potential trainee from Finland clicked in to get to know the ERA-network and the way of vocational training ; and additional Dr.Ioan Matei Purcarea/Romania who had participated Prof.Hallier's seminars at the RAU in Bucarest now in return contributed an excellent lecture about the impact of IT on sustainability.

24.12.2021 : Promoting UN Sustainability Goals

It is worth mentioning that already in May 2013 student delegates from the Eurasian Economic Youth Forum on the way from Yekaterinburg/Russia to Nur Sultan/ Kazakhstan drafted a declaration under the leadership of Prof.Dr.M.Fedorov/USUE and Prof.Dr.B.Hallier/ERA for more attention of "green issues". This paper was signed at the Forum also from the 2007-Nobel Laureate Prof.Dr.R.Chung/Korea as the first external professor - and followed by the launch of www.european-retail-academy.org/GGU designed by the ERA-trainee Dr.Alina Pukhovskaya/Russia.


Now again a new tool to promote "sustainability" is developed by the ERA-trainee Dr.Vilena Nencheva/Bulgaria who created the idea of a first ERA-Webinar being launched at March 18/19th 2022. After greeting words by Nobel Laureate Prof.Dr.Chung the other participating speakers will be B.Hallier/ERA and the European Buying Director from CHEP, E.Benzes.More info about free access of the Webinar by violena.nencheva@gmail.com .

15.10.2021 : ANUGA "Transform"

The world leading food exhibition ANUGA was founded in Germany in 1919. Today it is hold bi-annually in Cologne with exhibitors from about 100 countries around the world. In 2017 the founders of the Thematic University Network Food did choose Anuga for its launch (see more : Link lecture Violena Nencheva).


The 2021 motto is "Transform" and is aiming to different aspects : physical + Anuga@Home ... new Food ... Sustainability in Food Production and Distribution ... Animal Well-Being . For Prof.Dr.B.Hallier this event is again also "Food for Thought" ; branding an exhibition over a period of more than 100 years - while adjusting its content and communication permanently to the present and future demand.

15.09.2021 : Globalgap China

GLOBALG.A.P. takes part in the Fifth National Brand Conference at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center in China on October 15, 2021. I Love Private Label and GLOBALG.A.P. will host the Love Private Brand Show a GLOBALG.A.P. China Day focusing on cooperation projects, the importance of sustainable farming certification, an introduction to the GLOBALG.A.P. standards, and global agricultural development trends towards certification collaborate in many areas.

Glopbalgap was started under the name of Eurepgap as a pro-active food-security initiative for fruit and vegetables at the hype of the BSE-crisis by Prof.Dr.B.Hallier as a managing director of EHI Retail Institute and Dr.Kristian Mller as a Secretary General of this project. Xin Zhou from China had been in those early stages already trainee in the Cologne headquarter of EHI - now being Globalgap's Chinese coordinator.

15.08.2021 : Innovation Catalyst

The success of the "Duesseldorfer Pallet" in 1985/86 was for the ISB (later transformed to the DHI Deutsches Handelsinstitut) the start for sustainable packaging and logistics competences. Testimonials for DHI-Innovations came from companies like Chep, Coca Cola, the Corrugated Industry, Kaufland-Group, Krings and Metro as well as from the German Federal Minister for the Environment Prof.Dr.Klaus Tpfer. Trade had been positioned by ISB/DHI initiatives to be seen by the public as a driver for innovation for the Total Supply Chain.


For Prof.Dr.Hallier as the managing director of ISB/DHI at that time the accumulation of innovative micro-economic processes to increase efficiency/productivity is finally resulting in the macro-economic growth of the Wealth of Nations. "It is not always a big thought breaking the routine - needed for the success of Applied Sciences and connected Businesses but the sustainable process of permanent innovation in the daily operations which makes the difference of companies : Retail is Detail !" Hallier summarizes the international success of the German discounters Aldi and Lidl.

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