16.06.2021 : Communication Design

Starting the Thematic University Network Food one of the ideas was to create a permanent platform for digital and blended learning; but also to give free room for exchange-students to develop a common understanding for international/multi-lingual projects.


In May 2020 Dr.Violena Nencheva from Sofia/Bulgaria started to add a Spanish Chapter to TUN ; since May 2021 Nikita Vasilyuk from Almaty/Kazakhstan is updating the Russian Chapter.

20.05.2021 : Conference Belgorod

The Belgorod Agrarian University was founded in Russia in 1978. Today, it has 7390 students and a teaching staff of 190 people. Belgorod joined the VUA (Association of Visegrad Universities) international cooperation in 2012 and by this belongs to a network of agrarian universities which permanently exchange knowledge , organizes conferences , develops cross-border double-diplomas.


Since 1996, Belgorod has been organizing international conferences. In 2021, the theme of this event is"Innovative solutions in agricultural science: a look into the future". All contributions will be also published in a Conference-Reader ; one of the contributors is Professor Dr. B. Hallier from the European Academy of Retail with a report on the historical beginning of tracking and tracking and today's activities of the Thematic University Food Network (link).

20.04.2021 : USUE Yekaterinburg

Starting the European Retail Academy the USUE Ural State University of Economics in Yekaterinburg (see) was one of its first members - and immediately got the first exchange student Sandra Hoedl from Austria.In 2007 Prof.Dr.B.Hallier was honoured with a Dr.h.c. in Yekaterinburg. The USUE also became the nucleus for the Eurasian Economic Youth Forum which was one of the drivers for the EXPO 2017.


Prof.Hallier remembers the long-standing friendship : "It is a pleasure to contribute now a review of 25 years rule setting for food security in the USUE well-respected magazin; USUE is a benchmark for high quality standards ! Hurra, hurra, hurra !!"

10.03.2021: SSU India

Due to the digital dialogue Focus India (see: News of 14.02.2021) Prof.Dr.B.Hallier could welcome as a new bi-lateral university partner of the TUN-Community the SSU India (see).


The Sri Sri University was envisioned by Sri Sri Ravi Shangkar Ji, who is a renowed spiritual leader and multi-faceted humanitarian from India whose mission is uniting the world of East and West into a violence-free family. His ideas fit totally in Prof.Halliers approach of a global equilibrium for economics, ecology and ethics. The SSU has a 188 Acre Green Campus : also a benchmark in the concept of the Global Green University (see: www.european-retail-academy.org/GGU).

10.02.2021 : UN Goals 2030

For 2030 the United Nations have defined the ambition for the world-community to reach 17 aims for the sustainable development of the globe. The Thematic University Network Food (TUN) was started on 5 of those goals (see also : www.european-retail-academy.org/GGU /News 09.10.2017).

Now Violena Nencheva from Sofia/Bulgaria starts as a far-distance trainee of the ERA-network a SURVEY in how far the UN Goals 2030 are on the screen of Universities and Companies. The questionnaire 1 with the first 4 questions can be ordered from violena.nencheva@gmail.com.

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