European Competence Centre for Vocational Training (Retail/Wholesale)

15.4.2020 : Support from Bulgaria

For a second time the EUCVOT/ERA Team will be supported by the University of National and World Economy from Sofia/Bulgaria. Violena Nencheva studied there her Bachelor Studies and currently she is doing her PhD. (Linkedin: VIOLENA NENCHEVA) .

Her Master Violena did at the University of Dauphine in Paris/France. In addition, during her PhD studies she did various exchange programs at the Autonomous University of Querétaro/Mexico.

15.3.2020 : Digital Cooperative

Digitalization is a great driver for urban revitalization : bringing brick-stone business and internet together - uniting the total supply chain via IoT (Internet of Things). To profile local business and to build up digital competences for small and medium-size businesses the city of Siegen/Germany works together with the last-mile-delivery service Lozuka.

The local Chamber of Commerce and Industry sponsors the committment for a digital platform and joint delivery-services for a supermarket for organics, a butcher, a supplier of spices etc. for reasons of joint learning and ecology as well as to develop a marketing tool to profil local shopping. More than 80 people joined the exchange of experience .

02.02.2020 : FinnFriends

Being exchange-students in Germany Aleksi Kortesalmi and Jouko Miettunen from Rovaniemi continued the vocational training schedule for social media by editing three new YouTubes to the ERA-collection : "Bergisch Gladbach", "China Youtube" and "PanBalkan Initiave". Those YouTubes are also training-material to understand geopolitical aspects.


But Aleksi and Jouko also used their stay for connecting with FinnFriends : a platform of the twin-cities Odenthal & Paimio. They met exchange students visiting Bergisch Gladbach and University of Cologne as well as the Advent Celebration of FinnFriends in Odenthal.

10.01.2020 : Vocational Competence Indonesia

In Indonesia 1293 highschools do have a shop for students at their campus. Sponsored by the German Senior Services SES the businessmanager Jo Vorstadt is promoting in Jakarta's vocational school SMKN 10 a strategy for visual merchandising based on shop-software (DOSIS) designed by students.


Prof.Dr.B.Hallier promotes this project for digital vocational training as Indonesia's retail association APRINDO will be host of APREC 2021 and by this could present the result of that educational know-how transfer on national and international level as a bridge between theory and applied sciences.

10.12.2019 : Empowerment

In 2012 Anastasia Dibrova, student of a Red Diploma of the Plekhanov University in Moscow/Russia visited the European Retail Academy as an exchange to be part of the EuroShop/EuroCIS exhibition in Düsseldorf and to understand applied sciences in retail.


Remembering her stay in Germany after nearly a decade to evaluate her learnings she did choose a picture with the title "Veni, Vidi, Vici" - as a symbol of empowerment for students: "Prof.Dr.Hallier taught me that vocational training acquires active communication and contributing by students."

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