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20.12.2018 : VOT - Pioneer

Benedetto Cotrugli/Benedikt Kotruljevic (1416 - 1469) was born in a merchant-family in Dubrovnik, Republic de Ragusa (today Croatia) and studied beside at his hometown later in Ferrara, Bologna and Naples/all Italy. His personal libraries in Dubrovnik and Naples contained the most famous works of Classic Antiquity, Christian theology, philosophy, Judaism and Arab Culture.

Writing in 1458 his book "Art of Trade" in the Italian language instead of the scientific Latin language he took the strategic decision to communicate his vocational knowledge more to the level of the applied sciences of merchants instead of theory at universities: insofar he was a pioneer of vocational training! But never less, he was also a holistic thinker as the pyramid shows: he combined in his way economical, ecological and ethical elements for a world of harmony on the micro- as well as on the macro-level.


15.11.2018 : Continuing Learning

In 2018 Eric Telkkälä from Rovaniemi, Finland had his first traineeship with the European Retail Academy in Cologne, Germany and produced the YouTube "My experience of German apprenticeship"

Now in 2019 he will be working as a web designer for Tartu Vocational School, Estonia as part of an European Erasmus Project - making an universal platform for international school mobilities.


15.10.2018 : ERA-Secretariat

While studying BA and MA at the University of Saarbrücken/Germany, Alina Pukhovskaya (LinkedIn) started Vocational Training at the European Retail Academy. She helped at exhibitions in Düsseldorf/Germany and Moscow/Russia and went for professional training to Dubai and Hong Kong. Further on she became chief-designer and manager of ERA-Sites.

Alina helped as an external consultant with the EU-project FORWARD and wrote her PhD thesis about knowledge management in non-profit networks on the example of Food Banks in Mexico (read here more on far distance MBA and PhD programs of Vitez). From Oct.15th 2018 onward Prof.Dr. Hallier appointed her "Chief of Staff" of the ERA-Secretariat. Alina Pukhovskaya will be his deputy for all operative tasks.

10.09.2018 : Changing Perspectives

Going abroad for traineeships is not just additional know-how in science, but changing perspectives by different cultural environments that enable students to enlarge social competences, as Eleonora Nkolaeva and Tatiana Zolotova experienced (see: collage of impressions)

Their stay was a continuation of the exchange of the Plekhanov student Nikolay Kalmin documented in a YouTube (LINK), which then was followed by a visit of Marie-Christin Hallier in Moscow and St.Petersburg (LINK).

02.08.2018 : Plekhanov Students

The two Russian students Eleonora Nikolaeva and Tatiana Zolotova, both from the Plekhanov University/Moscow , will translate and place the Russian News of during their ERA-traineeship.

The Thematic University Network TUN will support also the Green Belt Initiative of the First International Silk Road Mayors' Conference being executed in Astana/Kazakhstan ( see also at ).

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