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05.12.2017 : Profile Professorship

Germany is well known for its dual education and for vocational competences in retail - which is just shown also by a job-offer for a Professor at the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt : a city also famous for the car-manufacturer Audi and of the HQ of the retailer Saturn/Media Markt.

The needed profile to become Professor of International Retail is the appropriate university degree plus several years of work experiences in international retail - ideally combined with work stages abroad. Although based in Germany the courses will be in English ! more : see attached LINK

20.11.2017 : Review ERA/EUCVOT

Within a Conference Trio in Riga/Latvia (see also : Prof.Dr.Hallier explained how in 2005 the European Retail Academy started as an academic network - being followed by the sub- Site EUCVOT due to an EU-Study about vocational training within EU-member-countries.

Prof.Hallier stated that students have given ERA a special profile due to their enthusiasm and views : one of the outstanding catalysts for the ERA-TEAM BUILDING has been the cruises with the tallship Kruzenshtern and another one the meetings of the World Economic Youth Forum as part of the Astana Economic Forum. (see more about the lecture : LINK )

20.10.2017 : Romania

Born in 1993 in Romania Ioan Matei Purcarea studied first at the Romanian American University (RAU) and after that at the Carol Davila University (both Bucarest). He then took his chance to use in 2014 Erasmus+ for four months to study at the Novancia Business School Paris/France and went as a trainee in 2015 to IF Conseil & Innovation, Saint Marlo/France.

Ioan Matei colloborated in Romania with several magazines to place his academic papers. In 2016 and 2017 he also presented his research at SCM4ECR - being at the photo from that Conference ( see also Link News at ) together with Ruediger Hagedorn/ Consumer Goods Forum .

20.09.2017 : New Trainee

For many years students from Kuivaniemi, Rovaniemi and Oulu (all Finland) supported the Site-Management of ERA (see also EUCVOT news from March 2017/August 2016).

Now Trang Pham from Vietnam via her foreign studies in Finland becomes the new ERA exchange trainee (CV Trang). Her focus will be to push the new Thematic University Network Food and to broaden contacts with Asia.

20.08.2017 : LifeLongLearning

The Education and Qualification Alliance (EQA) together with the European Retail Academy (ERA) is developing a set of programs for lifelonglearning along the Total Supply Chain Food.

A new Thematical University Network together with Colleges and Training Institutions will implant those courses: more about it at the SubSite (Link). It will become step by step a multi-lingual Site to be followed worldwide!

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