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25.05.2021 : Support from Kazakhstan

Nikita Vassilyuk has studied since 2017 for his Bachelor at the German-Kazakh University with the focus logistics ; since 2020 he is adding studies in Germany for a double diploma at the Technical University Wildau.


Since May 2021 Nikita is adding vocational skills as a digital ERA/EUCVOT trainee to his CV : he started with Russian updates for the "TUN" Site and the "AEUC" .

04.04.2021 : PhD Graduation

Congratulations from the ERA/EUCVOT network to Dr.Violena Nencheva, who just finished her PhD at the University of National and World Economy in Sofia/Bulgaria.


"Violena used her free time due to the Corona disruption very efficiently for a far-distance vocational traineeship with out ERA/EUCVOT network" Prof.Dr.Hallier stated. "She improved her USP by entrepreneurial skills and applications of science in an international communication team of students - it was a win-win-win situation to her, the Sofia University and our ERA-Sites".

06.03.2021 : Vocational Competences

In 2018 Eric Telkkälä from Rovaniemi, Finland had his first traineeship with the European Retail Academy in Cologne, Germany and produced the YouTube "My experience of German apprenticeship"

Eric worked in 2019 as an European Erasmus exchange student, as a front-end designer for the Tartu Vocational Education Centre. The project that Eric worked on, was a platform of communication between students, teachers and workplace staff for student exchanges. (Learn more)


06.02.2021 : Lighthouse 2021

Unanimously the Board of ERA approved a proposal of Prof.Dr.B.Hallier to elect the Peace Nobel Laureate of 2006 Prof.Dr.M.Yunus for the Hall of Fame. Professor Muhammad Yunus - born in Bathua/Bangladesh - got his BA and MA at Dhaka University/Pakistan and his PhD at the Vanderbilt University/USA. He was teaching as an assistant professor of economics at the Middle Tennessee State University. In 1971 Prof.Yunus joined Chittagong University at his old home-town. In 2006 he got together with the Grameen Bank the Nobel Peace Prize for the idea of micro-credits/micro-finance and its application (more at Hall of Fame).

Professor Hallier got to know Professor Yunus when both visited several times the Astana Economic Forum in Kazakhstan. Especially after the Corona Pandemic and its effects on all business along the international total supply chain in 2020/2021 Professor Hallier sees a need of micro-credits/finance for the poor countries which become the loosers in the widening gaps between oversaturated markets and developing countries. "We need Lighthouses like Professor Yunus to focus an equilibrium between economics, ecology and ethics for global harmony" Prof.Hallier stated at the nomination of Professor Yunus for the Hall of Fame 2021 of the European Retail Academy. "Also studying and teaching at different places in the world and looking for applications in business Prof.Yunus and his brother with his foundation is a hope and benchmark for young people" Hallier added.

10.01.2021 : Digital CIRCLE 2021

Circle started originally as the Centre for International Research in Consumers, Locations and Environments and was a cross-faculty , pan University research unit of the Leeds Metropolitan University/UK. In 2004 it was institutionalized with annual meetings circling around the member-countries of CIRCLE INTERNATIONAL. Spiritus Rector from the beginning onwards is Prof.Dr. Claudio Vignali - supported since 2005 from the founder of the European Retail Academy: Prof.Dr.B.Hallier. In 2013 the University of Vitez/Bosnia Herzogovina was empowered for double-diploma in far-distance courses for BA, MA and PhD : one of its students Dr.Alina Pukhovskaya/Russia/Mexico

The XV!! Circle Conference will be an online event at April 8th/9th 2021 jointly been organized by Salford University/UK , Gloucestershire/UK and Vitez/BH; its title will be " A Marketing and Business Perspective" : which reflects already also the bi-polar audience of practitioners as well as academics. Contributions will be published at the International Journal of Management Cases: more.

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