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20.06.2022 : YouTube EuroCIS

Vocational Training at the European Retail Academy is to connect own competences with the daily demand of management in real life - for example in the research for innovations for retail/wholesale.

For Joni and Veeti from Finland a visit of the international IT-Event EuroCIS in Düsseldorf/Germany with 145 booths from 33 couintries was to speak with exhibitors and to see their product-innovations /applications and the way of presentation. Now this YouTube is a reflection of their impressions and serves as a tool of penetration for the brand EuroCIS and partnering for student exchanges.


01.06.2022 : First digital ERA Trainee Workshop

The vocational training of Joni Harrinkosti and Veeti Maaninka both from the School of Rovaniemi/Finland now in Germany was used to connect by Zoom for 90 minutes with Dr.Alina Pukhovskaya/Russia beinfg trainee at 2006 and Dr.Violena Nencheva/Bulgaria (trainee 2021/2022) and now teaching in Mexico to exchange their experiences about the start and continuation of the ERA-MainSite and its SubSites and the potential technical new options for improvements in the next three months.

A screenshot of the zoom meeting with Alina, Violena, Hallier, Joni and Veeti

For Prof.Dr.B.Hallier the Zoom Workshop served the following ambitions : a) It was a Trainee Workshop : leaving the Teacher only backstage . b) It was a flat hierarchy with ages spread from 74 years down to 17 years. c) The focus was with the youngsters : having the IT-knowledge of young people who in their traineeships want to learn the use of Applied Sciences - but being by this the real drivers of innovation.


04.05.2022 : New Empowerment

Already for more than a decade youngsters from the school in Rovaniemi/Finland come for vocational training to the HQ of the European Retail Academy in Germany. Their field of Applied Sciences is according to Prof.Dr.B.Hallier to learn all steps of Communication during their stay: attention, interest, desire, action . Last but not least the traineeship is always a mix of training on the job + understanding the local culture.


In May/June 2022 Joni Harrinkoski and Veeti Maaninka follow the former trainees and develop a Content-Page for all News of the main-Site of ERA ; furtheron they will help to upgrade the ERA-IT-technologies. The supervision comes digitally by far-distance by the former Bulgarian trainee Dr.Violena Nencheva - now living in Mexico. This Team will be already in May digitally in touch with the next trainee from Finland who will arrive in the end of June to stay in Germaqny in July. This way of remote training + on-the-job units will be the future of learning according to Hallier.

22.03.2022 : Webinar Sustainability

Designed and operated by the former ERA-trainee Dr.Violena Nencheva/Bulgaria and technically supported by the former Mexican trainee Arturo Herrera the first ERA Webinar was opened by ERA-President Prof.Dr.B.Hallier and Nobel Laureate Prof.Dr.R.Chung/Korea about the topic of Sustainability.


Also further trainees participated with lectures : Jitka Volfova/Czech Republic, Dr.Alina Pukhovskaya/Russia and Nora Tineva/Bulgaria. A new potential trainee from Finland clicked in to get to know the ERA-network and the way of vocational training ; and additional Dr.Ioan Matei Purcarea/Romania who had participated Prof.Hallier's seminars at the RAU in Bucarest now in return contributed an excellent lecture about the impact of IT on sustainability.

21.02.2022 : Power from VSE

Based on the traditional relations between Prof. Dr. B. Hallier and the VSE Prague/CZ in 2007 the Annual Meeting of ERA was organized in Prague by VSE. Among the students participating from the Czech side was Jitka Odehnalova/Volfova who continued her new connection also to visit in Germany the EHI headquarter and the EuroShop exhibition. One of the results of her discussions with Prof. Hallier was a study-period of one year at the Shanghai University and one year at the Shanghai JiaoTong University both Shanghai/China.


Her new competences could be used very well at the Czech pavillion of EXPO Shanghai in 2010 . Returning to Prague she finished her PhD and attended several times the USUE Pre-Events for the Eurasian Economic Youth Forum in Yekaterinburg/Russia - also using the opportunity teaching at those occasions as an Assistant Professor. At her home university in Prague she holds mainly courses on Cross-cultural Management and Business Negotiation. She is also a certified professional coach . In 2022 Jitka now is participating as the CZ-representative in the first global ERA-Webinar which is focussed on sustainability and the UN Goals 2030.

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