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20.07.2017 : Teaching Material II

The World Food Preservation Center hints to the fact that one third of food harvested worldwide is lost before it is consumed!

WFPC proposes therefore especially for secondary / vocational schools in developing countries agricultural education curricula giving attention to post-harvest principles and best practices.

10.06.2017 : Teaching Material I

FAO is currently developing educational materials on the issue of food waste. A Basic Module and five Add-on Modules are available for four different age-groups; additionally a teaching guide offers instructions and suggestions for a wide range of learning exercises and project activities.

The campaign is currently implemented at pilot scale in schools in Italy, UK and France. The European Retail Academy is supporting FAO and Save Food as well as the World Food Preservation Center.

02.05.2017 : Giving Hope

"Shangilia/Enjoy" is giving hope for underprivileged children from Nairobi's slums. Founded by the Kenyan actress Anne Wanjugu (main actor of the film "Don't Cry, Child of Africa") in 1994 - today it is the home of former slum children with a primary and secondary school and even a College to prepare via vocational training the children to be able to join university (see also: YouTube Nairobi and news of 30.04.2017 at

It is important for those children to develop self-confidence in their abilities. The two German artists Marie-Christin Hallier ( and Barbara Hanebuth were working together with the kids to test and to develop painting workshops - thought as a basis for a long-standing cooperation (YouTube Shangilia).

03.04.2017 : Russian Tongue

For the first time since its start in 2005 now in 2017 one of the ERA-Sites will offer the choice of bi-lingual News ! It is also a courtesy for the big share of Russian speaking universities as members (see: - bridging also within that panel political controversies.

The Site is again a vocational development of an ERA-StudentTeam - it has been designed by Alina Pukhovskaya from Russia - being linked with the ERA-network already over 10 years - and supported by Valto Vaaraniemi from Finland and the News are translated into Russian by Aruzhan Zhumakhan from Almaty/Kazakhstan, who wll be also our "Russian Language Contact" at that Site . Operation of the English version is supported at the moment by Jyri Toermaenen/Finland.

03.03.2017 : ERA-Trainee

Following other students from Finland now Jyri Toermaenen from Rovaniemi is trainee at the European Retail Academy in Cologne/Germany - mainly improving vocational communication skills within the ERA/EUCVOT network

But also Culture is part of the exchange to the city which got its name as a Roman Colony (Cologne) 2000 years ago and being the Fourth Holy City like Jerusalem,Istanbul/Konstantinopel and Rome within Middle Ages. The big church called Dom is a religious centre of the Catholic Church still today.

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