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06.02.2017 : AEUC

At the Almaty Investment Forum in December 2016 Prof.Dr.B.Hallier proposed a "Vocational Education Platform " as a network along the historical Silk Road to connect in applied sciences the Universities of Kazakhstan with the neighbouring territorries. This network should be called "Almaty Eurasian University Complex (AEUC)".

Now AEUC is started as a virtual platform under the link - designed by Alina Pukhovskaya (CV) and technically supported by Valto Vaaraniemi ( also former ERA-trainee). The first sponsor is Trade Help from Kazakhstan, a long-term cooperation partner of ERA. The AEUC-Site will be promoted locally by Aruzhan Zhumakhan, still a student but already with international experience via AIESEC Kazakhstan.

03.01.2017: CIRCLE Warsaw

Since 2004 CIRCLE organizes international PhD-Conferences - rotating each year to another European country. The 14th edition will be in Warsaw at April 19th-21st 2017.

The European Retail Academy is supporting CIRCLE as well as its distance e-learning diplomas via VITEZ University/Bosnia Herzegovina from the early beginning. Its former ERA-trainee Alina Pukhovskaya (CV) is taking part at the CIRCLE/VITEZ PhD-program. More about Warsaw: Download Flyer)

05.12.2016: Creative Youth

Within the art-project "PopArt goes School" the team of Jule Randebrock/Germany, Tanja Kubal/Mexico and Eileen Duong/Vietnam - all being in one class in Roesrath/Germany - created a banana-exhibition-concept which got an Award by the Rembold Foundation. The idea of the competition was to get kids from school thinking about art in the public space of the city of Roesrath. The concept then was realized by the artist Herbert Kirch.

Proudly the sponsor, the three concept-winners and the sculptor presented their finished pop-art sex-symbol to the public. The banana is now part of - joining 111 other art-exhibits in public or private gardens within Roesrath: "a perfect urban revitalization project" according to Prof.Dr.B.Hallier from the European Retail Academy who, of course, is also based in Roesrath!

10.11.2016: Case Studies

At the National Prevention Day of Suicide in Romania Marie-Christin Hallier ( CV Marie-Christin Hallier) lectured in Cluj about Ars Vivendi; she presented „Case Studies from her vocational training“ in the main event at the traditional Central University Library Lucian Blaga.

Part of the lecture was also to promote the profession of Arttherapists and their educations. More about this topic: see YouTube video Alanus Hochschule Open Days.

20.10.2016: Against Food Losses

The World Food Preservation Center will organize together with the University of Nairobi / Kenya on March 29th-31st, 2017 a first African Conference against Food Waste. It will be supported also by Prof. Dr. Hallier from the European Retail Academy; and parallel pushed by an awareness exhibition about Food Waste organized by the international association of artists (

WFPC and ERA stand also for Education: the picture shows Dr. Gustav Mahuna from Ghana after his post harvest PhD degree under supervision of Prof.Hongyin Zhang of Jiangsu University/China. At the moment also Russian ERA-collaborator Alina Pukhovskaya (CV), working in Mexico, is writing her PhD about Food Banks supervised by Vitez-University of Bosnia-Herzogewina.

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