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10.09.2019 : YouTube Reports

Saku Viiri from Rovaniemi/Finland - being exchange student at the European Retail Academy - summarized his impressions also in two YouTubes : his first about German Myth and Romantic with castles and horsemen along the river Rhine. History and the environment are keys to understand a foreign country he learned (see: Link)

He also took part during his traineeship at the Twin-City Partnership Meeting between Russia and Germany in the cities of Dueren and Aachen. It was also linked with the third youth forum between the two countries. He condensed his impressions as well as material from former meetings in Wolgograd and Rothenburg in a YouTube (see : Link)

02.08.2019 : VUA Summer School

In 2011 in Nitra/Slovakia the Visegrad University Association (VUA) was founded as an international network for academia of agriculture - Prof.Dr.Hallier became honorary member to connect VUA with the Total Supply Chain.There are mainly three tools of VUA : Symposia mostly in connection with the Annual Meetings, joint diploma for MBA and Phd and Summer Schools.

The VUA Summer School 2019 will be held from July 30ies to August 12th organized jointly by the Belgorod State Agricultural University and by the Michurinsk State Agrarian University. Students will get 4 credits for the 44 academic hours. ( more : Download PDF file) sa

15.07.2019 : Internationally Powered

Melina Keller being a Swiss/German started her international education by an one year exchange during her school-time to the USA, which was the later followed by a BA and Master at Hult in London/UK followed by studies in Boston/USA also at Hult ( keep in touch with her many international friends Melina is using facebook and Linkedin.


Being back in Germany she is in contact with the European Retail Academy while looking for job-orientation at platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, Campusjäger and StepStone . Communication Technologies together with different Cultural Experiences are for her the keys to success for the young generation she explained in a discussion with Prof.Dr.B.Hallier .

15.06.2019 : Dialogue with China

Since 1974 Prof.Dr.B.Hallier is visiting China on a regular basis, in the 80ies even for 6 weeks at the Shanghai Management training Institute, later to expand the international business of the exhibition EuroShop.


In return - especially under the leadership of David Zhang from Beijing - retailers from China are coming for store-checks to see new formats or technologies in the German retail - or they visit the HQ of the European Retail Academy in Roesrath for lectures.

17.05.2019 : TUN-Partner Turkistan

At the Astana Economic Forum 2019 in Nur-Sultan/Kazakhstan the Turkistan Higher Agrarian College from Shymkent/Kazakhstan signed a MOU with Prof.Dr.B.Hallier to join the Thematic University Network Food ( for bi- and multi-lateral exchange of knowledge and skills.

Its director Gaukhar Bekberggenova hopes especially to get a transfer of vocational competences along the Total Supply Chain for her staff and students. The cooperation gives also potential input for the hot topic of Food Security in Kazakhstan and the OIC-area (Download eBook).

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