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17.05.2019 : TUN-Partner Turkistan

At the Astana Economic Forum 2019 in Nur-Sultan/Kazakhstan the Turkistan Higher Agrarian College from Shymkent/Kazakhstan signed a MOU with Prof.Dr.B.Hallier to join the Thematic University Network Food ( for bi- and multi-lateral exchange of knowledge and skills.

Its director Gaukhar Bekberggenova hopes especially to get a transfer of vocational competences along the Total Supply Chain for her staff and students. The cooperation gives also potential input for the hot topic of Food Security in Kazakhstan and the OIC-area (Download eBook).

15.04.2019 : Continuing Traineeships

Being a trainee in 2018 at the European Retail Academy in Germany - working on communication-projects like web pages and YouTube videos - Eric Telkkälä from Rovaniemi, Finland was an exchange in Tartu, Estonia in 2019 (see the picture).

Eric worked in the spring as an European Erasmus exchange student, as a front-end designer for the Tartu Vocational Education Centre. The project that Eric worked on, was a platform of communication between students, teachers and workplace staff for student exchanges. (Learn more)


15.03.2019 : New Trainee

For two months, Saku Viiri is an exchange trainee from Rovaniemi/Finland for vocational training at ERA / EUCVOT. His focus in Germany is "Communication: creating news and news penetration". The technical tools during that time will be facebook / YouTube and the ERA-Site and sub-Sites.

Another part of the communication-training is creating awareness for the different environments in Germany and the home-country. History is part of this module: like visits in the historical cities of Cologne and Aachen or the former West German capital Bonn or finally the summer-event with horsemen at the Castle of Satzvey.

15.02.2019 : VSE Prague

The former ERA-exchange and present PhD-Candidate Nora Tineva from the Faculty of Trade at the University of National and World Economy in Sofia, Bulgaria participated in a mobility exchange funded by the EU project BG05M2OP001-2.009-0012 "The enhancement of UNWE research potential". The mobiltiy was held in the University of Economics (Vysoka skola ekonomicka v Praze - VSE) in Prague, Czech Republic.

Thirty years ago in the late 1989 Prof.J.Jindra from Prague visited Prof.Hallier for the first time in Cologne/Germany, they both together created with the Trade Ministry, retailers and market-research youngsters the concept of todays CZ Retail Summit. In 2011 Hallier was honoured by the VSE Prague with the title "doctor honoris causa".


15.01.2019 : Rovaniemi

Already since 2006, students, from the Lapland Education Centre REDU, have visited the European Retail Academy for vocational training and intercultural understanding; their teachers Jari Koivumaa and Ismo Molkoselka discussed with Prof.Dr.B.Hallier the next exchange for 2019 and other EU-projects.

The last trainees from REDU ,Daniel Haakila and Roni Suomalainen, produced a YouTube video about their home city; to introduce their home-city and also to attract foreign students to come to Rovaniemi, Finland.


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