23.10.2019 : In search of Benchmarks

Twenty years ago the image of innovative retail in China was created by the market-entrance of big boxes from the USA or Europe like Walmart, Carrefour, Metro or IKEA. The latest newcomer in this category is Costco. For Prof.Dr.B.Hallier there will be a change of mindset in the future. "Traffic jams are no incentives for longer shopping-distances. Small local shops with fresh assortments in connection with e-byke-delivery wil be the hot topic in future in Asia" he stated in his 4 weeks China lectures.

In Foshan nearly 60 Chinese retailers attended his one-day-seminar about the success-story of the German discounter ALDI and its different approach in the UK or in Shanghai's test market (Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3, Picture 4, Picture 5, Picture 6, Picture 7). Interviewed by CCTV in the ALDI store Hallier claimed that those missing China as a market will decline in global competence (see also CCTVplus). For him retail is changing its benchmark: innovation in this century will be driven by Asia!

17.10.2019 : 25th REAL CORP

Current discussions on "Low Carbon Cities" or "Smart Cities" seek to address future developments of cities under the condition of climate change employing amongst other things energy saving technologies; "green retreats" in mega-cities (like this roof-garden on top of an ecology-oriented supermarket in Heifei/China) are not only needed for personal relief but also as "micro-climate zones" for air-circulation within cities.

The 25th International REAL CORP Conference for city-and reginal planning will deal with those hot topics and be organized at the occasion of the 150ies anniversary of the University of Aachen/Germany from April 15-18th 2020 - a city connecting Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands and being since Charles the Great for 1200 years the heart of Europe (Call for papers).

05.10.2019 : APREC China

The very first root of APREC is an exhibition and conference in 1983 in Tokyo/Japan - an activity which was graced by the Japanese Prime Minister Nakasone and by this also got its political high level reputation. The intention is a bi-annual event to promote the modern/organized retail-industry as a sector across Asia Pacific and which therefore is rotating among its various national retailers associations.

China was host first in 2005 in Beijing and now for a second turn in 2019 in Chongqing - an agglomeration of 31 million inhabitants. The international Asian Pacific network was awarded at this occasion by the Peace Circle Chair Collection Certificate of the Chinese Government. More than 4.000 business people visited the Conference with speakers of all big Chinese players. In the Closing Ceremony the APREC-flag was handed over for the 2021 Congress to Indonesia.

30.09.2019 : Global Coordination

At the second International Two-dimensional Code Industry Development Summit in Foshan/China Prof.Dr.B.Hallier was elected to become a member of the Preparatory Committee for the Summit 2020 with the agenda to establish a permanent global Coordination Organization (see also www.european-retail-academy.org/TUN)

According to Prof.Hallier in future the creation of new products will have to be based on the knowledge/wisdom that only globally standardized codes for product-innovations will enable marketing to enter the new world of the Internet of Things (IoT) and mass-consumption. Asia with its IT-driven young society is setting the frame for this development.

20.09.2019 : Innovation by EuroShop

According to Prof.Dr.B.Hallier the exhibition EuroShop, founded in Germany in 1966 and today's world-leader of shopfitting/retail technology/POS-marketing, is a permanent innovation driver of retail but also in a change itself by innovation, segmentation and globalization.

EuroCIS, founded in Germany in 1997 as an annual congress in-between the tri-annual EuroShop in response to the speed of technology innovations is meanwhile Europe's number one retail technology exhibition; the exhibition space of C star in Shanghai/China can be compared with the size of EuroCIS; and the in-store-asia/Mumbai is the largest retail trade fair on the Indian Sub-Continent.

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