03.01.2012: CZ-Summit 2012

The CZ-Summit is an annual highlight for the Visegrad-Area. Organized by Blueevents, the University of Economics (VSE), the CZ Retail Association and being supported by the Federal Government about 800 top executives gather in Prague for an international dialogue. (more)

The University of Economics is also founding member of the European Retail Academy. They honoured Prof. Dr. B. Hallier by the title ?doctor oeconomiae honoris causa?. In that list of honour are among others also the Nobel Laureates Prof. G. S. Becker, Prof.Dr. North, Prof. M. Friedman and Prof. R. A. Mundell.

15.10.2016: Leaders of Growth

According to Retail Planet/Lebensmittelpraxis International the growth of turnover of retailers will be uptill 2021 in India 76 percent, in China 52 percent, followed by Turkey 51 percent, Russia 33 percent, South Korea 32 percent and Australia 28 percent.

Even bigger are the increases of online in retail. India is expected to grow by 407 percent, Turkey 198 percent, followed by Russia with 176 percent, China 153 percent, South Korea 126 percent and Australia by 113 percent.

17.10.2019 : 25th REAL CORP

Current discussions on "Low Carbon Cities" or "Smart Cities" seek to address future developments of cities under the condition of climate change employing amongst other things energy saving technologies; "green retreats" in mega-cities (like this roof-garden on top of an ecology-oriented supermarket in Heifei/China) are not only needed for personal relief but also as "micro-climate zones" for air-circulation within cities.

The 25th International REAL CORP Conference for city-and reginal planning will deal with those hot topics and be organized at the occasion of the 150ies anniversary of the University of Aachen/Germany from April 15-18th 2020 - a city connecting Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands and being since Charles the Great for 1200 years the heart of Europe (Call for papers).

10.11.2014 : Retail Asia/Pacific

Since ten years Retail Asia Publishing is analysing together with partners the top five houndred retailers in the Asian Pacific region.Within the international jury Prof.Dr.B.Hallier is representing the European Retail Academy.

In the questionnaires filled out by the top-runners for the AWARDS was also the topic of Corporate Social Responsibilty and Green Issues gaining importance ( see also : www.european-retail-academy.org/ERM). The Award-Ceremony 2014 is in Singapore.

01.10.2016: Astana EXPO

101 countries have confirmed their participation in the International Specialized Exhibition "Astana EXPO 2017" in Kazakhstan - starting in June 2017. Additionally 18 international organizations already declared their support. The main topic will be "best energy generating projects".

The World Economic Youth Forum with Prof.Dr.M.Federov and Prof.Dr.B.Hallier supported from the beginning onwards the application for the Astana EXPO. In 2013 the platform www.european-retail-academy.org/GGU was created as a virtual Global Green University. Prof.Hallier spoke of "Global Youth Energy" at the Astana Economic Forum.

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