25.06.2014 : Istanbul

There is no other city in the world which over thousands of years is an example of change/urban revitalization like Byzanz(Greek Empire),Konstantinopel(Roman Empire),Stanbul(Osman Empire) and Istanbul : based on two continents - being the bridge between Orient and Okzident.

In June 2014 it was the location for an EBS/Metro Properties Talents Program where the European Retail Academy was involved by Prof.Dr.B.Hallier for whom this seminar was a reminder of his 1969-stay as an AIESEC-trainee in Turkey.

25.06.2013 : Green University

Travelling by train from Yekaterinburg to Astana Prof.Fedorov/USUE, Prof.Hallier/ERA and their students had created the idea of a Green University and had drafted a memorandum to establish such a platform. This Memorandum was introduced at the Astana Economic Forum.

The first to sign beside the two authors was the Peace Nobel Laureate (2007) Prof. Dr. Rae Kwon Chung from Korea who is at the moment director for the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific - and who delivered in Astana a speech about the transition to a green civilization. Other universities from East and West followed with their signatures !

15.07.2016 : Striking Contrasts

Borgholm Castle at Oeland/Sweden was mentioned first time in 1281; becoming later a famous renaissance castle and finally a barock palace in the 17th century. In the 19th century it unfortunately burned down - but its fragments are still an attraction promoted by the local city marketing as a historic monument.

This historic location was in summer 2016 the Genius Loci for a joint exhibition of the Swedish Neon artist Hans Frode and his Japanese wife Tokiko Ishiguro Frode who is an Origami artist - and who is at the photo with Prof.B.Hallier explaining her Stag Bettle exhibit

15.06.2014 : Myth of Worpswede

In 1889 four painters/sculpturers started to escape from industrial mass-production areas and crowded cities to the marshy land in the North of the city of Bremen/Germany (www.worpswede.de/willkommen) to slow down life and to develop country-style-living as an alternative to the main stream !

Key-names at that beginning of the Worpswede-Community were Fritz Mackensen, Heinrich Vogeler, Bernhard Hoetger and visting artists or artists who settled in the near-by villages like Otto Modersohn, Paula Modersohn-Becker or the poet Rainer Maria Rilke. Today Worpswede is a tourist attraction with several museums - but also still working-place of 140 artists or gallery-owners.

15.05.2019 : Trade Innovation Cycles

Since 1800 the Trade Sector in Europe has run through major innovation cycles roughly every 25 years as Prof.Dr.B.Hallier showed in his former research on Applied Sciences. Now he defined the forthcoming changes for the distribution systems in the period 2025 - 2050.


Logarithms/AI will dominate the whole ordering, storing and distribution processes; the limitation of store-sizes will be challenged by unlimited assortments on Sales Platforms supported by the Internet of Things or influencers; neuro -marketing 02 will not only analyze the human brain of consumers but directly intervene in decisions; brick-and-stone markets will become cash-zone free; robotic delivery will go into first major field applications; know-how and investment will be bundled by across-sector mergers/joint ventures between retail/wholesale/data-pools/technology experts/ logistics/label-manufacturers and others : becoming partners in a world-wide "distribution machine".


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