03.02.2013 Food Waste Management

Within a Global House of Harmony the three columns of economy, ecology and ethics have to be in balance with each other. In times of crisis within ethics the field of food waste management gains importance : how to organize food recovery and how to optimize waste reduction during food-processing.

Started by the DG Education and Culture of the EU a consortium of experts from eight countries met for a kick-off meeting in Milano/Italy under the leadership of Eurocrea Merchant for a LLP-Leonardo da Vinci Multilateral Project (more:FoRWaRd). Among the eight partners is the European Retail Academy with Prof.Dr.B.Hallier.

25.03.2011 : Korea

Korea is one of the technology-leaders in retail. The leading players are according to Retail Asia/Singapore the following retailers: E-Mart with 127 stores and an annual turnover of 10,287 Mio Dollars, Lotte (26; 8,426), Homeplus (114; 7,600), Lotte Mart (68; 4,723), Hyundai (11; 3,919), Shinsegae (8; 2,968), Hi Mart (265; 2,279); Family Mart (4,409; 2,100), GS25 (3,938; 1,778) and Digital Plaza (250; 1,150)

On June 08-09th 2011 the European Union Chamber of Commerce in Korea (EUCCK) will organize in Seoul the REC Retail Investment Congress 2011 (More information). The opening keynote-presentation about the Evolution Tornado Retail and Globalization will be delivered by EuroShop president Prof Dr. Bernd Hallier ( More ).

06.01.2019 : Entrepreneurship

In Zagreb/Croatia a World Congress of Entrepreneurs was organized jointly by business, universities and local, regional and national governments mainly from the area of former Yugoslavia plus Austria and Germany. It was a call to encourage the civil society to participate in a social market economy and the spirit of entrepreneurship. The backstage organization will monitor and support the activities gathered in the Horizon 2020 Initiative of the European Union.

To underline the importance a monument was established to remind of the Zagreb-Declaration (read here), which will be followed by a 2019 Congress in the city of Skopje/Macedonia.

15.12.2013 : Save Food

FAO is the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - it was founded in 1945. FAO's head-quarters are in Rome/Italy : it has today 191 countries and the European Union as members.

FAO organized in partnership with Messe Duesseldorf/Interpack/Germany a two-days event for 150 experts about the topic of food losses and waste reduction. On behalf of retail and as a consortium-member of the EU-project FORWARD Prof.Dr.B.Hallier ( on the photo together with Deputy Director-General D.Gustafson/FAO and B.Jablonowski/Director Interpack) addressed the audience at the opening day.

20.12.2015: Hall of Fame

Prof. Dr. B. Hallier appointed for the Hall of Fame (Link) for 2016 Prof. Dr. John L. Stanton/USA. John Stanton has longstanding experience in the field of Food Marketing as well in the retail industry as also as an academic teacher. Last but not least he is a "bridge-builder" between continents.

Already in the news of March 16th 2010 ERA reported about joint seminars of Prof. Stanton and Prof. Hallier at the St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia/USA - including also the knowledge-penetration of the EHI-food companies Orgainvent (Link) and Globalgap (Link). "The appointment of John Stanton for the Hall of Fame underlines the strong desire of ERA to push the idea of Food Security as a basic idea within a Global House of Harmony between Economics, Ecology and Ethics" ERA-President Hallier said.

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