10.10.2014 : Skill Alliance

Within an EU Lifelong Learning Programme partners from Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Norway and Spain work on methods of skill needs for retail. One part is also the development for validation, transfer and recognition of learning outcomes. A retail questionnaire as surveymonkey can be asked for in several languages via info@wisamar.de .

At its international workshop at the Wisamar Institut (www.wisamar.de) in Leipzig Prof.Dr.B.Hallier introduced the outcomes of the e-learning modules of the FORWARD-project ( see news at www.european-retail-academy.org/ERM ) as a potential test-case for evaluation by ECVET .

30.09.2014 : Workshop Duesseldorf

The international FORWARD-Consortium with members of the Czech Republic,Germany,Greece,Hungary,Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands and Poland ( see also Communication at www.european-retail-academy.org/ERM) had its final workshop in Duesseldorf/Germany with guest speakers from the NRW ministry of innovation, the NRW Consumers Association and the platform foodsharing. Among further guests had been BelaRus, the magazine LPInternational and the Wisamar-institute from the city of Leipzig.

Guided by the ERA-expert for CityMarketing, E.Gebauer, food-stores had been visited like the Carsch-Haus and the SuperBiomarket at Schadow-Arcades (see photo). Being started first 40 years ago in Muenster/NRW in 2014 SuperBioMarkt is a chain of more than 20 outlets - the newest one in Schadow Arcades .

20.09.2014 : Facts and Figures

Applied Sciences in retail is comparing long-run data taken from business (bottom-up research) . In Germany already in 1968 an annual publication started to report about the effects of self-service in retail ( "SB-Entwicklungen") - being renamed 1971 into "SB -Zahlen". In 1990 it was enlarged to all distribution-lines "Handel aktuell" . Nowadays the title is "EHI handelsdaten aktuell 2014" : being available as a print-copy or via internet by the EHI Retail Institute.

320 pages offer macro- and micro-data about trade-structures and developments in Germany, Austria and Switzerland - furtheron "profiles" of key-players are encluding the different store-formats.

10.09.2014 : Myth, Image and Reality

The Federal Association of the Russian speaking Institutions in Germany and the German-Russian Forum organized a meeting in Bonn/Germany opened by the Russian Consul General Evgenij Schmagin (at the photo) , Prof.Dr. Bergmann/ M.Hoffmann (both of the Board of the Forum) and Larissa Yurchenko (Istok) about the dangers of the present political situation and the need for dialogue.

Discussing myth, image and reality the former German Ambassador Frank Elbe (Elbe-Lecture) made the point that "reality" is always interpreted by those who communicate and that therefore a second or third "reality" has to be heard to come to an independant judgement. Prof.Dr.Hallier mentioned the network of the European Retail Academy as an example for scientific dialogues ( III. World Economic Youth Forum in Astana/Kazakhstan) and student exchanges like AIESEC. The growth of the economic wealth in the last twenty years ( see : ERA-News of April 2nd,2014) is based on the exchange of international trade and should not be endangered by a War of Words - creating wrong/bad images/myths.

28.08.2014 : University Communication

Also in its own communication strategies Universities are changing and becoming meanwhile very professional as editors of magazines. One very good example is the Holistic Marketing Management Journal of the Romanian-American University in Bucharest.

Volume 4,Issue 3, Year 2014

Professor Dr.Theodor Purcarea organized already in 1998 a Conference of AIDA in Bucharest to open his country for the dialogue with the West, he later used the meetings of the European Retail Academy to acquire speakers for conferences in Romania. Since 2011 he developed the scientific magazin Holistic Marketing Management as an international communication tool.

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