25.06.2014 : Istanbul

There is no other city in the world which over thousands of years is an example of change/urban revitalization like Byzanz(Greek Empire),Konstantinopel(Roman Empire),Stanbul(Osman Empire) and Istanbul : based on two continents - being the bridge between Orient and Okzident.

In June 2014 it was the location for an EBS/Metro Properties Talents Program where the European Retail Academy was involved by Prof.Dr.B.Hallier for whom this seminar was a reminder of his 1969-stay as an AIESEC-trainee in Turkey.

15.06.2014 : Myth of Worpswede

In 1889 four painters/sculpturers started to escape from industrial mass-production areas and crowded cities to the marshy land in the North of the city of Bremen/Germany (www.worpswede.de/willkommen) to slow down life and to develop country-style-living as an alternative to the main stream !

Key-names at that beginning of the Worpswede-Community were Fritz Mackensen, Heinrich Vogeler, Bernhard Hoetger and visting artists or artists who settled in the near-by villages like Otto Modersohn, Paula Modersohn-Becker or the poet Rainer Maria Rilke. Today Worpswede is a tourist attraction with several museums - but also still working-place of 140 artists or gallery-owners.

06.06.2014 : City Personalities

In a cooperation Dr. Lehmann/SAXA (fine art) and Monika Nonnenmacher(photography) interviewed for one hour twelve personalities of the Cologne area during a photo session. Using the taped words SAXA transformed the words towards a portrait of each of those persons : faces are seen - thoughts are read ! The exhibition was opened by Prof.Dr.J.Wilhelm , Ulrike Lubek and Eberhard Gebauer.

The portraits covered in alphabetical order Karin Beier/theatre-director, Andreas Bluehm/museum-director, Anton Fuchs/ artist , Bernd Hallier/professor , Elke Heidenreich/writer, Joachim Krol/actor, Christoph Kuckelkorn/funerals, Lovro Mandac/Kaufhof Galeria department stores, Frank Schaetzing/writer, Guenter Soendgerath/textil-printer, Claudia Stern/moderator and Ray M.Wade Jr./singer. The exhibition at the Landschaftsverband Rheinland in Cologne/Deutz will be open till August 22nd 2014. Catalogues are available via: atelier@saxa.eu

26.05.2014: Astana Economic Forum

The Annual Astana Economic Forum is a global platform for about 14.000 politicians, economists (among them several Nobel Laureates) and businessmen(see:link) - and last but not least the final participants of the World Economic Youth Forum (see News of May 20th 2014).

Prof. Dr.M.Fedorov and Prof.Dr.B.Hallier (both members of the Eurasian Club of Economic Scientists) introduced the Youth-Award winner of 2014 Alexander Maltsev to Prof.Dr.R.Prodi - who is the 2014 Heroe of the Hall of Fame of the European Retail Academy.

20.05.2014 : World Youth Forum

After the preselection in Yekaterinburg/Russia the top students of the III.World Economic Youth Forum defended their work at the Kazguu-University for Humanities and Law in Astana/Kazakhstan. This competition for economic integration and green technologies was also honoured by a visit and short speech by the Nobel Laureate for Economics 2007, Prof.Dr.R.Aumann (more about him at the Hall of Fame).

The Diploma of the Astana Club of Nobel Laureates for young scientists was given in 2014 to Alexander Maltsev /USUE/Russia after Mariam Voskanyam /Yerewan/ Armenia in 2013 and Kirill Zavodov/Cambridge /UK in 2012.

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