15.05.2015: Astana Economic Forum

After the Soviet Union had been dissolved the former city of Akmola was named in 1997 Astana to become the new capital of Kazakhstan. It was an academic decision based on a nationwide study taking into account 32 parameters. With the help of architects like Norman Foster a futuristic city is progressing in a new Post Soviet style. The EU and Kazakhstan have within the Central Asian Region the first Enhanced Partnership and Cooperation Agreement which will facilitate stronger relations between both partners

Organized by the Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists Association and the Government of Kazakhstan since 2008 there is an annual Astana Economic Forum as an international platform for global dialogue. Since 2012 the Astana Club of Nobel Laureates is awarding young scientists with a diploma at the World Economic Youth Forum - always also supported by Prof.Dr.B.Hallier and the European Retail Academy. Also www.european-retail-academy.org/GGU is designed to support especially the Global Youth Movement as an academic bridge between Europe and Asia.

01.05.2015 : DIY-StoreChecks

In June 2015 Russian retailers will visit for vocational training in the Cologne/Bonn area DIY-chains like Knauber, OBI, Hellweg, Bauhaus, Globus but also smaller local units like Schmidt&Rudersdorf, Kipp&Gruenhoff, Fassbender&Tenten. Last but not least they are interested in nearby assortments like at Porta, Media Markt or the specialist Estella.

Additional discussions about the DIY-sector will be arranged with Holger Externbrink/Baumarktmanager ( a magazine founded in 1967 and being the leading publication of this sector), Manfred Maus ( co-founder of OBI), Oliver Kirchhoff (DIY-Consulting) and John Herbert/EDRA ( see also: www.european-retail-academy.org/EUCVOT).

20.04.2015: Social Media

The European Retail Academy is happy to announce the launching of its official Facebook page. Furthermore, since our trainee from Bulgaria, Nora Tineva , has first established it the page has gathered more than 100 likes. In addition, you could also follow us now on LinkedIn.

Nowadays, the web 2.0. and the social media platforms provide a great opportunity for companies to keep inform their followers and to create and support an easier and smoother direct communication channel. Furthermore, the stakeholders could better engage in further dialogues.

10.04.2015: Open Days

For universities today it becomes necessary from the point of competition to open their doors at least once a year for all interested stakeholders to show their work and its ambience. The following YouTube (Introduction/Art) guides the visitors through the Campus of the Alanus University of Art and Social Sciences in Alfter/Bonn.

Nora Tineva with Marie-Christin Hallier

The name of the University comes from Alanus ab Insulis - living more than 800 years ago. He already liked the academic discussion between different disciplines. Such an interdisciplinary study-course at Alanus today is Art Therapy - merging Art and Medical insights. A short introduction into ArtTherapy gives the following YouTube (Art Therapy).

05.04.2015 : G-Global

In 2007 the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, announced an initiative to create an Eurasian Club of Scientists (EECSA) to bridge academically Europe and Asia. In 2008 EECSA helped to launch the first Astana Economic Forum which anually is attended by Nobel Prize Laureates and some thousend leaders of politics and business. In 2012 additionally the Internet platform G-Global was established as a versatile platform to discus openly issues of the global economy (www.group-global.org).

Prof. Dr. Mikhail Fedorov,Prof. Dr. Robert Aumann and Prof. Dr. Bernd Hallier

Prof.Dr.Hallier/European Retail Academy and Prof.Dr.Fedorov/USUE/Russia are both members of EECSA and support also the Astana Economic Forum as well as G-Gobal. Furtheron USUE launched the Eurasian Youth Competition ( with the support of the European Retail Academy ) which has its final in Astana at the Economic Forum - since 2012 under the name of World Economic Youth Forum. Its awards are handed over in the presence and in the name of the Astana Club of Nobel Laureates.

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