15.07.2016 : Striking Contrasts

Borgholm Castle at Oeland/Sweden was mentioned first time in 1281; becoming later a famous renaissance castle and finally a barock palace in the 17th century. In the 19th century it unfortunately burned down - but its fragments are still an attraction promoted by the local city marketing as a historic monument.

This historic location was in summer 2016 the Genius Loci for a joint exhibition of the Swedish Neon artist Hans Frode and his Japanese wife Tokiko Ishiguro Frode who is an Origami artist - and who is at the photo with Prof.B.Hallier explaining her Stag Bettle exhibit

02.07.2016 : Nordic Power

Trade around the Baltic Sea was very well organized already in mediaeval times. The city of Luebeck/Germany was the power-house of the Hanse-Club (1358-1669) , a network of cities around the Baltic Sea like Bergen, Rostock, Riga, Tallin cooperating via special trade agreements like today nations do within the EU or the WTO .

In Kalmar/Sweden the Kalmar Union (1397- 1523) united Denmark, Norway, Sweden ( to which at that time also Finland did belong - like the castle on the photo) . Learnings : already 800 years ago farsighted leaders did overcome the local/ national segmentation for international trade. Even when the Kalmar Union lasted only for a century it did have an impact onto the ethnological behaviour which today we call the Scandinavian profil.

24.06.2016 : Best of the World

The IGDS Global Department Store Summit 2016 voted in its Zurich Meeting in Switzerland for La Rinascente from Milan/Italy to be the Best Department Store of the World. At the picture are Monica Monsch (Jelmoli), Katie McGrath & Stephen Sealey (Brown Thomas), Alberto Baldan (LaRinascente), Anne Pitcher & Beverley Devonish (Selfridges), Asli Karadeniz (Re-Orientation)

IGDS is the largest worldwide association of department stores and has 40 members from 36 countries on five continents. The Zurich Summit was attended by more than 370 leading international executives and stakeholders.

15.06.2016 : Cool Chain/Handbook

In 2003 the first International Cold Chain Management Conference was launched. Now at the University of Bonn the 6th edition was visited by 92 participants from 18 countries; cases had been presented from Australia, Benin, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Greece, India, Mexico, Netherlands, Sweden and the USA.

In addition a workshop was initiated for a "Living Handbook of Perishable Food Supply Chain" as an international scientific reference medium being an open access publishing project as a part of the PUBLISSO Portal (Link). Prof.Dr.B.Hallier will be a member of the editorial advisory board for the section of "environment/sustainability".

04.06.2016 : Urban Soul

GMA/TaylorWessing organized its 9th Retail Forum in Cologne/Germany : analyzing the effects of digital challenges of online-shopping for traditional retail, new store-formats and urban revitalization.

TaylorWessing ( Link : www.taylorwessing.com) is specialized on legal questions in urban planing - and insofar new outlet-types like drive-in-depots/pick-up-stations, as also factory outlets, have been checked versus the legal frame , legal interpretations and legal developments in Germany, were most decisions are based on the traditional CenterHirarchy.

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