05.04.2015 : G-Global

In 2007 the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, announced an initiative to create an Eurasian Club of Scientists (EECSA) to bridge academically Europe and Asia. In 2008 EECSA helped to launch the first Astana Economic Forum which anually is attended by Nobel Prize Laureates and some thousend leaders of politics and business. In 2012 additionally the Internet platform G-Global was established as a versatile platform to discus openly issues of the global economy (www.group-global.org).

Prof. Dr. Mikhail Fedorov,Prof. Dr. Robert Aumann and Prof. Dr. Bernd Hallier

Prof.Dr.Hallier/European Retail Academy and Prof.Dr.Fedorov/USUE/Russia are both members of EECSA and support also the Astana Economic Forum as well as G-Gobal. Furtheron USUE launched the Eurasian Youth Competition ( with the support of the European Retail Academy ) which has its final in Astana at the Economic Forum - since 2012 under the name of World Economic Youth Forum. Its awards are handed over in the presence and in the name of the Astana Club of Nobel Laureates.

26.03.2015: Crowd Funding

In Cologne/Germany an interesting event about "Crowd Funding" took place under the slogan “One day for the crowd”. In this fruitful platform at the local Chamber of Industry and Commerce more than 700 participators and more than 300 speakers took part as they held discussions and presentations for more than 28 hours as part of an intensive program. Part of the success-story in Cologne was also that it was the third event of this topic - with increasing competence.

Nora Tineva with Jo Vorstadt

Furthermore, since it has been launched the German Crowd Funding Network has managed to double each year the amount of investments- in 2012 it has gathered 31€ million , in 2013 65€ milion and in 2014 the impressive amount of 140 € million. The event “Crowd Day” gives the opportunity to companies with differentiated high technological products as well as start ups and ecological oriented firms to find their potential investors that could support and execute their ideas, campaigns and goals. In this context it is also according to Prof.Dr.B.Hallier from the European Retail Academy a great opportunity for students leaving university and looking for financial support for clever ideas !

15.03.2015 : Student Dialogues

Founded in 2005, the European Retail Academy one focus of Prof.B.Hallier and his friends was to exchange students like he himself experienced in multiple AIESEC-exchanges during his studies. There are two types of exchanges : academic ones and vocational ones. At the moment Nora Tineva is a vocational trainee ( see also : www.european-retail-academy.org/EUCVOT).In Bulgaria she worked for Erasmus Student Network Bulgaria (ESN Bulgaria).

In November 2015 the ESN Cologne/Germany will organize a 4-days-platform for ESN network sections from Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg,the Netherlands, Switzerland and UK. More : WEP Koln.

05.03.2015: Consumer Protection

The Romanian Association for Consumers’ Protection (APC Romania) marked Thursday 25 February, 2015, its 25th anniversary with a special event that took place at the InterContinental Hotel in Bucharest. President of APC Romania is Associate Professor Costel Stanciu (APC Romania is a Founding Member of the Romanian Distribution Committee, and Dr. Costel Stanciu is an Honorary Member of the Romanian Distribution Committee). APC Romania is a member of BEUC, and is also playing an active role in Consumers International, the Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD), and European Consumer Consultative Group (ECCG). Professors Bernd Hallier (President of European Retail Academy) and Leon F. Wegnez (Secretary General of AIDA Brussels) sent congratulatory messages to APC Romania on the occasion of this 25th Celebration. President of the Romanian Distribution Committee, Theodor Purcarea, Professor at the Romanian-American University, received APC Romania honor award.

Costel Stanciu, President of APC Romania and Theodor Purcarea, President of Romanian Distribution Committee

On 28 May, 2014, Romanian-American University organized in collaboration with the Romanian Distribution Committee and APC Romania a remarkable Roundtable: “Consumer protection and the pressure of economic and societal changes: the digital revolution; the sustainable consumption; the social exclusion, the vulnerable consumers and the accessibility.”

22.02.2015 : Learning from History

France and Germany had fought against each other in three terrible wars between 1870 and 1945; now they are both together promoting the Minsk-Initiative for Peace to stop war within the borders of Ukraine. What had changed since 1945 ? Firstly, one basic tool of understanding was Youth Exchange ! Secondly, ten years after World War II the border areas of Saarland and of Elsass-Lothringen got the chance to vote peacefully where to stay in the future : fortunately the first part made a decision for Germany - the other for France ! Thirdly : today within an united Europe there is no border at all any more between France and Germany !

The European Retail Academy has members from Kiew and Donezk, from Russia and all areas from all over the world. According to its President Prof.Dr.B.Hallier - also in his function as an Honorary Ambassador of Peace from the Youth Forum - the ERA-members should stimulate especially exchanges between all parties involved ! The next chance for this will be the Astana Youth Forum in May 2015.

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