Urban Revitalization

  • "Ab in die Mitte"
    In 1999 "Ab in die Mitte" - Let's go Downtown was established as a public private partnership in the German region of NorthRheinWestfalen.
    Meanwhile the activities are parallel also developed in other German regions.

  • ATCM
    ATCM stands for the Association of Town Center Management. It was created in the UK. ATCM is dedicated to promote prosperous locations for business and investment.

  • Austrian Institute for SME Research
    Social and economic research focussing on small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)

  • Cities Alliance
    The Cities Alliance is a global coalition of cities and their development partners committed to scaling successful approaches to poverty reduction.

  • City Mayors
    City Mayors is aiming to promote strong cities and good local government.

  • City- und Stadtmarketing Deutschland e.V.
    The German Bundesvereinigung City- und Stadtmarketing Deutschland e.V. was founded in 1996. Twice a year city-marketing managers meet to exchange their experiences.

    CLAIR is a Japanese organisation (Council of Local Authorities for International Relations) established in 1988. CLAIR has overseas offices in New York and London (since 1988), Paris and Singapore (1990), Seoul (1993), Sydney (1994) and Beijing (1997).

    Within the DONAUHANSE-project Austrian, Bulgarian, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian and Ukrainian cities along the Danube-river cooperate for a joint benefit for all participating cities and regions.

  • DSSW
    In 1993 the German Federal Government and the German Industry founded the German Institute for Town Centre Development (DSSW-das Deutsche Seminar fuer Staedtebau und Wirtschaft) to revitalize town centres in East Germany. The institute is mainly financed by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

  • EHI Handelsimmobilien + Expansion
    For the German speaking market EHI has its own homepage for real estate.

  • ERES
    European Real Estate Society is a network between real estate academics and professionals across Europe

  • Eurocities
    Eurocities has three lines of activities: networking, lobbying, campaigning.

  • EURA
    EURA stands for the European Urban Research Association and was established in 1997.

  • European Commission and the World Bank
    The European Commission and the World Bank coordinate the economic reconstruction and development in South East Europe.

  • Eurotowns
    Eurotowns aims to establish a distinctive policy agenda for Europe?s middle sized cities.

  • ICSC
    The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) was founded in 1957. The principal aim is to advance the development of the shopping center industry and to promote shopping centers within the community.

  • IDA
    IDA stands for the International Downtown Association and was created in North America. It is the largest national association of town center managers in the world.

  • IFHP
    International Federation for Housing and Planning is a worldwide network of professional institutions and individuals of many signatures active in the broad fields of housing, urban development and planning.

  • Institute for Place Management (IPM)
    IPM is the non-profit organization that supports people committed to developing, managing and making places better

  • INTA
    The International Urban Development Association had been established in Paris in 1974, is representing Urban practitioners from national governments, local authorities, public and private corporation, association and research institutes.

    International Society of City and Regional Planners is global network which consists of both individual and institutional members and encourages exchange between planners, promotes the profession in all aspects, stimulates research, improves education and training, increases information and awareness on major planning issues.

  • Middle East Council of Shopping Centres
    Trade Council for the Shopping Centre Industry in the Middle East and affiliated to the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC)

  • Studio Metropolitana Urban Research Centre
    This non-profit research institute was founded by the Municipality of Budapest in 1995.

  • Stiftung ?Lebendige Stadt?
    In This private initiative promotes European Cities as centres for life, work, retail, culture and communication.

  • The Association of Polish Cities
    The Association of Polish Cities goes back to activities between 1917-1939. Prohibited after World War II, it was revived in 1990.

  • The Department of Tourism of the University of South Bohemia
    The university created a special M.A. study programme for tourism and retail in 1998. It is placed in Tabor, a little city not far from the main-campus of Budweis.

    TOCEMA stands for Town Center Management Europe. It is an INTERREG III C ? sponsored initiative, launched in Belgium in 2005.

  • UCLG
    UCLG stands for United Cities and Local Governments. It promotes the influence of local government and its representatives in global governance.

  • Urbact
    Urbact is a Community Initiative Programme to develop transnational exchanges, to draw lessons from experience and to disseminate its results or proposals.

  • Urbanicom
    In Bruxelles/Belgium in 1966 the international platform "Stadtentwicklung und Handel" was founded to bring together planners, architects, retailers and all other stakeholders of town development.
    Germany participates since 1976 and became independent as a section in 1995. Urbanicom supports the European Retail Academy

  • World Mayor
    The World Mayor project aims to show what outstanding mayors can achieve.

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