Urban Revitalization

In the first stage at least one news per month is intended to be placed at this special homepage for ?Vital Cities?. This content-management should be operatively organised by international trainees who spend their time at the headquarters of the European Retail Academy. By doing the content-management those students will be confronted by the topics of Vital Cities as well as by internet-technology. In the second stage it is considered to promote students which already are specialised on topics around Vital Cities by incentives for an international exchange program. To finance those students will be build up a special partnership. Those partners will be enrolled into the mission?s partner-list.
The first partners are:

In a second step KMU Forschung (Austrian Insitute for SME Research) became partner of the team.
  • Austrian Institute for SME Research was founded in 1952 and prepares as an independent, private non-profit association data and information especially for small and medium sized companies

Further partners are welcome and will be fit in this list during the updates of this homepage.

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