01.09.2022 : Mental Leadership

Mikhail S.Gorbachov was during his time as a president of the SU not only the top-executive of the Communist Party but a real Leader with his own inspirations Glasnost and Perestroica. He understood the miners of Kemerovo who had not been paid decently and he realized the wishes of the different people of the COMECON for a better life-style. In the eyes of Prof.Dr.B.Hallier it was less a political but mainly an evolution/revolution driven by Consumerism. The break-down of the SU and the COMECON which followed made M.Gorbachov in Russia a persona non-grata : in Germany he became a Hero of the Hearts because he enabled a Peaceful Reunion of East- and West Germany. For Hallier this was the beginning of an emotional Love Story between Germany and Russia, because it created the dream of a global House of Harmony with the strategic aims to balance economics, ecology and ethics worldwide. "And judged in terms of macro-economics it was also the basis for an extrem growth of the Wealth of Nations internationally since the beginning of this Century" Hallier claims. "The theoretical background for those effects can be found already in the work of Adam Smith and David Ricardo about national and international specialisation of work-processes/sourcing" Hallier taught.


"Taken now the military actions against the Ukraine and internal subpression by a mislead President in the Kremlin should not result in condemning the total of Russian people because it is not fair to blame also those who would like to follow the Rules of Humanity but who will be punished to spell out their real feelings." Hallier stated in a discussion with professors and students from the ERA-network. "For many Russians but also a generation of people from the West who invested about 30 years of their lifes in building Trust between the countries which had been fighting in World War II as enemies a great political and economic Dream has crashed. Perhaps we have been sometimes too naive in our thinking and actions - but on the other hand without trying new ways nothing new will happen. Therefore the last 30 years of cooperations with Russia have not been in vain or subject to be discredited in total - even when strategic or tactical tools seem in a review to have been partly wrong - but they have been also a proof for our followers who expect real Leadership from their professors: Trial and Error belong to the tool-box of innovation in a market-economy. M.Gorbachov is a benchmark for such an attitude of a mental Leadership in applied sciences to change markets for the better! In 50 years the history-books will praise also in Russia and othe countries of the former SU the importance of that outstanding Game-Changer " Hallier summarized.

01.08.2022 : Webinar Sustainability

Designed and operated by the former ERA-trainee Dr.Violena Nencheva/Bulgaria and technically supported by the former Mexican trainee Arturo Herrera the first ERA Webinar was opened by ERA-President Prof.Dr.B.Hallier and Nobel Laureate Prof.Dr.R.Chung/Korea about the topic of Sustainability.


Also further trainees participated with lectures : Jitka Volfova/Czech Republic, Dr.Alina Pukhovskaya/Russia and Nora Tineva/Bulgaria. A new potential trainee from Finland clicked in to get to know the ERA-network and the way of vocational training ; and additional Dr.Ioan Matei Purcarea/Romania who had participated Prof.Hallier's seminars at the RAU in Bucarest now in return contributed an excellent lecture about the impact of IT on sustainability.

01.06.2022 : Two Tier Development

Discussing at the hybrid Nobel Fest in April 2022 in a session moderated by Prof.Dr.B.Hallier with the topic of how an agricultural revolution could feed the world two strategies contrasting each other in their philosophy and technology were developed : on the one hand the traditional small farmers with mixed /diversified crops and on the other hand technology-driven solutions for (partly) newcomers in the Agri-/AquaFarmBusiness.


While Helena Norberg-Hodge from Local Futures in Australia and Rajendra Uprety from Nepal presented development options based on local knowledge - Stuart Oda/China and Chee Wee Lee /Singapore explained success stories of technology driven solutions growing food at the point of sales like supermarkets or restaurants or using empty space of parking-garages or even skyscrapers. The Round Table agreed that a lot of the choice of preference will have to be fitted to the national situation of each country based on culture, development status and education. But for all countries there is a great demand for further knowledge exchange and benchmarks.

15.04.2022 : Increasing Competences

The Eurasian Economic Scientists Association (EECA) and the Corporate Foundation "Astana Club of Nobel Laureates" helped Kazakhstan and the Astana Economic Forum for a worldwide profiling with the focus of Astana/Nur-Sultan; its key-event had been the Astana Economic Forum and its further highlight was the EXPO 2017 about Sustainability.


Now according to Prof.Dr.B.Hallier , President of the European Retail Academy, the scope of marketing impact goes beyond the Kazakhstan-activists also to other countries along the traditional Silk Road. "The Nobel Fest in April 2022 - hosted by the Inclusive Development Foundation (IDF) - was supported beside the Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan also by the Education Ministries of Azerbaijan and Usbekistan" Prof.Hallier stated in his contribution at this event. "This fact shows that thinking beyond borders is also gaining ground in Eurasia" he added chairing the session Agricultural Revolution with speakers from Australia, China, Nepal and Singapore. "It has become a Central Asian focus; we are happy to be involved".

24.03.2022 : Catalyst Nobel Fest

The Astana Economic Forum was profiling the independant Kazahkstan by creating an Eurasian Economic Scientists Association (EECA) , G-Global as an umbrella for all countries and a Team of Nobel Laureates participating at the annual events. Prof.Dr.B.Hallier became member of EECA and the G-Global Support Board . Just lately in March together with the 2007 Nobel Laureate Prof.Dr.R.Chung he was running an ERA-Webinar about the UN-Sustainability Goals 2030 (see: LINK) - and they will support also the Nobel Fest at Mid-April 2022.


A total of 12 Nobel Laureates from different disciplines and high ranking speakers from all around the globe will be involved in this hybrid activity. The input of the ERA-Webinar and a Memorandum of Understanding about Academic relations beyond any borders will be discussed at the Nobel Fest too (see also : (LINK )

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