30.07.2021 : Global Goals

Prof.Dr.Hallier demands fulfillment of Global Goals instead of outdated Geopolitics. "Geopolitical Thinking belongs to the last century when Colonialism dominated World Politics" the President of the European Retail Academy explained his philosophy. "Today we should act as a Global Community of Equals knowing that we should share respectfully the resources of the one planet on which we live all. We have to optimize together a world-model of economics, ecology and ethics".

As the best set of tools Hallier sees at the moment the UN Goals 2030. "Independantly from political or religious views of people from different countries this is a box of instruments which can be individually selected from to define own ways of fulfillment or which also globally can be used as a benchmark to compare the status quo scientifically : it reflects and respects global diversity - but aiming a global optimization; and last but not least it allows organizations of civil society, businesses, political bodies and science to participate with its input" Hallier defines the statement of the European Retail Academy.

30.06.2021 : Instore Greenhouses

Kaufland Romania is testing in Bucarest in 5 stores micro-greenhouses. Consumers can find various fresh plants growing in those stores. The micro-greenhouse is basically a miniature compact greenhouse that is using vertical indoor farming technologies : offering fresh agricultural production available instore at any time of the year ( MORE )


Prof.Dr.Hallier sees in that approach a combination of several advantages : " small enough to be used in supermarkets and restaurants", " the process is independant from price variations at wholesale level" , "the system smartly is using the air-conditioning of the stores/no additional power consumption is needed" , "a single urban gardener can take care for 4 micro-grenhouses" , "less logistic services because the seed takes less space in transportation than plants".

05.04.2021 : Covid + Cocooning

"The Covid-Waves result in the US and Europe in lock-downs of fashion-shops; no sales in the affluent society results to zero-production in the developing countries ; which means no income and hunger" Prof.Dr.B.Hallier explains in a lecture about the global effects. "Additionally consumer habits in Europe have changed due to home-office in 2020/2021 : people improved their homes and gardens - cocooning gets a revival ! This has promoted DIY and furniture-businesses"


"Another target-group of spending in the affluent society are pets which are getting an increased share of attention during the Covid-isolation as social partner as the alternative for human beings ! Within a radius of 300 meters in the well-off Cologne-suburb Roesrath/Germany a new cluster of pet-food, pet-tools,pet-beauty and vet for pets opened new outlets !" For Prof.Hallier this is another important sign for the widening gap of spending power and targeting in the global society.

05.03.2021 : Riga Hybrid

The ISMA-ConferenceTrio in Riga was used for demonstrating the history of the Thematic University Network Food (www.european-retail-academy.org/TUN) - for Prof.Dr.Hallier a success-story of students as permanent drivers of this Learning Platform about Standards. Digital lecturer was Violena Nencheva from Bulgaria ; next step of technical innovation of the platform will come from Arturo Olvera from Mexico.

Violena Nencheva from Sofia/Bulgaria presented the status of the Thematic University Network (TUN) Food and invited students from other countries also to participate in that platform. "It is a vocational training to create news in this sector and to multiply it - also it can be used for blended learning for the content and for language-training due to English/German/Russian/Spanish input." she summarized her participation - being the founder of the Spanish Chapter of TUN to prepare herself for later work in Central- and South America after her PhD. (more about her Lecture Link) .

06.02.2021 : Lighthouse 2021

Unanimously the Board of ERA approved a proposal of Prof.Dr.B.Hallier to elect the Peace Nobel Laureate of 2006 Prof.Dr.M.Yunus for the Hall of Fame. Professor Muhammad Yunus - born in Bathua/Bangladesh - got his BA and MA at Dhaka University/Pakistan and his PhD at the Vanderbilt University/USA. He was teaching as an assistant professor of economics at the Middle Tennessee State University. In 1971 Prof.Yunus joined Chittagong University at his old home-town. In 2006 he got together with the Grameen Bank the Nobel Peace Prize for the idea of micro-credits/micro-finance and its application (more at Hall of Fame).

Professor Hallier got to know Professor Yunus when both visited several times the Astana Economic Forum in Kazakhstan. Especially after the Corona Pandemic and its effects on all business along the international total supply chain in 2020/2021 Professor Hallier sees a need of micro-credits/finance for the poor countries which become the loosers in the widening gaps between oversaturated markets and developing countries. "We need Lighthouses like Professor Yunus to focus an equilibrium between economics, ecology and ethics for global harmony" Prof.Hallier stated at the nomination of Professor Yunus for the Hall of Fame 2021 of the European Retail Academy. "Also studying and teaching at different places in the world and looking for applications in business Prof.Yunus and his brother with his foundation is a hope and benchmark for young people" Hallier added.

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